Practice Persistence04.22.13

The most valuable experiences are often the most difficult experiences. The biggest challenges bring out the best in you, and compel you to make your best even better.
Difficult situations are not much fun. Yet by working your way through them, you create great strength and value.
Even when your hard work is not fully appreciated or immediately rewarded, it still brings important value to your life. The experience of dealing with challenge can produce a lifetime of beneficial dividends.
When you know you have done it in the past, you also know you can do it again. That is the essence of true confidence.
The difficult experiences give you the opportunity to practice persistence. And persistence is a quality that is always in demand.
Though your efforts may not pay off immediately, they will pay off. Persist, and know that you are growing stronger and stronger.

— Ralph Marston

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Movie Reaction: It Takes A Man and A Woman04.09.13

For a relationship to work, it takes a man and a woman, both to exert effort, both to make sacrifices and both to love each other forever unconditionally. That’s the moral from the movie It Takes A Man and A Woman, starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo from my point of view. I may not be as forgiving as Laida and her mom if it would have happened to me because I believe that if a man was able to cheat on you, he can do it again and again and again… Comparing to the past two movies, if I would rank the three, I think the first one is the best, second is the third movie and the last is the second. With the recent installment, I’ve laughed a lot and shed a lot of tears too. There are so many emotional scenes for me. The part where Miggy is asking for forgiveness and saying “No…no…”, eehhhh, he looked as if he’s really broken and can’t live without Laida. Also, there were so many funny parts when Laida was telling the team on how they should approach Empire, but I particularly like the least when they continously refered to the first movie, like the “close the door” and the videoke of Kailan. Parang na-over lang. :-)

Overall, it’s a good movie. Worth your money and time. I will rate it 3.7 out of 5. And if they will have part 4, wherein they will be challenged with their family life, I will definitely watch it. Its a plus that I’ve seen this movie with my mom and niece! We should do this more often. :-)

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First Time Blogging Thru Mobile04.09.13

This is my first post after a long while and first time thru my tablet.  I know that I’m busy when I can’t even use my laptop in posting. :-)

I think,  I can now find time to share my thoughts!  You will hear a lot from me from now on and what some of the things that are happening to me.

I have been busy and neglectedmy blog a lot and honestly it really hurts me. 

Until my next post!

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Today, you are committed to something. What is it?

Are you committed to just getting by, to just getting through the day with as little effort as possible? Or are you committed to something greater, something magnificent and exciting and fulfilling?

Whatever you’re truly committed to, is exactly what you’ll achieve. Whatever you’re truly committed to, determines the kind of life that you lead.

Within you is a vision that longs to be brought to life. It’s a vision that deserves your full commitment.

Commitment to your most profound vision is not easy, and will ask much of you. Yet you know it is the best choice.

Make that choice, make that commitment to the best that’s within you, again and again, each moment of each day. And the life you create, your own life, will be nothing short of outstanding.

— Ralph Marston

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My 2012 Christmas Wishlist12.05.12

Blog what you wish you for. Declare it to the world and you will have it. This 2012, I have several Christmas wish list that I wish to have. Some are kind of materialistic and some are intangible.   I pray to God that He will grant me my wishes/prayers:

1. good health for my family
2. good health for Alex and his family
3. continue to have good business for Alex
4. renovate my room
5. complete the second floor of my apartment
6. loose at least 80 lbs
7. Samsung Galaxy Note II
8. have the last name, Go :)
9. travel to Paris
10. car
11. my new booming business for 2013
12. and a baby for both of us Alex (boy, please)

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Eight Successful Habits You Can Adopt Today12.02.12

1. Set SMART Goals
Set SMART goals. The clearer the goal is, the chances of reaching it. SMART goals are goals that are:

2. Should be continuously learning
Everything evolves and one should always adapt. Must be continously learning of the things around and related to you. Look for ways to improve yourself and your environment.

3. Maintain Velocity
Do things today what you can do tomorrow.

4. Motivate yourself
Learn how to motivate yourself by looking for positive things in things you do. It’s does not matter how small that positive thing, just think that’s enough to get you going.

5. Be healthy
Your body is your temple. You can not do things you’ve planned if your body can’t cope with you. Exercise and eat right.

6. Learn time management
All of us were given an equal amount of time, it’s just a matter of how we use it and how much we get things done. So learn to manage your time by prioritizing what is important and what is urgent.

7. Comply first before you complain
Try things first before you say that you can’t do it. Sometimes setting your mind that you can’t do it will actually stop you from doing things. This also shows great obedience.

8. Learn fast and cheap
Don’t be afraid to try things. If you need to fail, then fail. Just make it fast and cheap. Practice will make you perfect.

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night shift10.22.12

If you are working in a call cente, it is synonymous with shifting schedule and working on a night shift. But I guess after working on an early morning shift (5am-2pm) I already forgot what it feels like to be a zombie. Well, starting today, later tonight I will start to work on a night shift. I just hope that I won’t have problems getting sick or do have health issues. Please God…please…

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Live With Enjoyment09.07.12

Enjoyment is not something you take. It is something you give.

Enjoyment is not a function of your circumstances. Enjoyment is a choice you can make, regardless of the circumstances.

When you choose to enjoy where you are, it opens your eyes to the positive possibilities. When you decide to enjoy what you’re doing, your effectiveness skyrockets.

Enjoy your day, and you add joy not only to your own life but also to all of life around you. Enjoy who you are, and from who you are will flow great and meaningful value.

Give the gift of your own genuine enjoyment. Demonstrate your gratitude and immense respect for life by truly enjoying each precious moment.

Instead of reacting to life with frustration or disappointment or anger, make the choice to enjoy what life brings your way. Live with enjoyment, and give the best of who you are.

— Ralph Marston

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Movie Review: The Avengers04.27.12


Who will not love a movie with smart plot, action packed, full of witty lines and raining hot bodies? Should I add more? :)

The story line is not hard to follow. It is believable that The Avengers have to fight Loki and his monster gang to save the world, after all Loki is a God and a bitter God is not a good thing. I’m not an avid comic book or an anime fan so I just took the movie without any judgement on how honest it is with the canon story line. The great thing about this movie is how it never gets boring. If a line will go to a possible boredom, there will be something to break it, like a funny line or an action which is good. The special effect is awesome. You can really say that the amount they’ve spent on the special effects’ worth it. The Avengers is a great summer movie, must see with friends and family! :)

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We don’t fight often, but when we do, it leaves nothing but pure heartache to me and I guess to him too.  Is it too much to ask for something that I know I deserve?  When will we move further?  Or is it really going to stop here?  Sometimes I will feel so tired that I can’t hope for more.

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