ABOUT PAGE (The Slum Note Version)

About Yourself

Name: Ruthie a.k.a. angelofthewaters
Nick-name: Ruthay
Birthdate: August 19
Address: Valenzuela City
*Telephone: 0906-212-8-BUY
Motto: Time is gold (lol)
Describe Yourself: Voluptous with long black hair.  Nice smile.
General Interest: books . photography . music . internet . sketching . talking with kids . minesweeper . playbabble . harry potter . twilight saga . bags . shoes . not ordinary things . good reading materials .  teevee . DVD . conversations . debate . kiss . hugs


Expression: “You’re a bad person” . “Ay p*kE!” (Alex hate this! lol) . “Haller!”
Food: chocolate. pasta. pizza. cake – chocolate flavored or sansrival . dumplings . siomai, california maki
Viands: adobong sitaw . sinigang na manok . sinigang sa miso . sisig .
Color: green. sky blue. brown
Animal: fish . dog
Pastime: sleeping. watching DVD. internet-ing. blog surfing. karako-ing
Drink: water (pramis!)
Fruit: apple. melon . mango
Vegetable: squash. string beans.
Band: Beatles . Bon Jovi . AfterImage . Eraserheads . 3 Doors Down . Gin Blossoms . Goo Goo Dolls . The Carpenters . Peter, Paul and Mary . The Platters . 6Cyclemind . The Corrs . The Pretenders . Blind Melon . The Cardigans . APO . Deff Lepard . The boyfriends . The Verve Pipe . Switchfoot . Shamrock . Third Eye Blind. Hale . Evancesence . Rivermaya. Parokya ni Edgar.
Male Singer: Wency Cornejo . Jon Bon Jovi .  Michael Buble . Elvis Castello . Ogie Alcasid . Rey Valera .  Barry Manilow . Bamboo
Female Singer: Jennifer Lopez . Beyonce . Regine Velasquez . Mariah Carey . Whitney Houston . Avril Lavigne . Alanis Morrisette . Kitchie Nadal . Christina Aguilera . Britney Spears . Sarah Maclachlan . Samantha Mollen . Rhianna . Leona Lewis
Songs: songs from my favorite band, male singers and female singers
Filipino Actor: Christopher De Leon
Filipino Actress: Maricel Soriano . Sharon Cuneta
Movie: Harry Potter . Forrest Gump . LOTR . the phantom of the opera . you’ve got mail . the city of angels . message in a bottle . kate and leopold . the passion of christ . ever after . never been kissed
Cartoon Character: Spongebob
*Teacher: Ms. Pantorillo (2nd YR HS – Adviser) .  Ms. Elvira Tagle (Grade 6 – Adviser) . Mrs. Buenavidez (4th YR HS – Physics) . Mrs Angeles (Chem Teacher)
Subject: Science
Friend: Malen . Mimi . Aimz . Lizz . Carol . Toni . She . Ayla. Rhea
Sport: badminton . billiard . chess .
TV show: Prison Break . Supernatural . Smallville . Ugly Betty . Bubble Gang .  My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Fated To Love You. It Started With A Kiss and They Kiss Again.
Collections: Books. Stamps. DVDs and VCDs.


What is crush? Crush is paghanga! Hahaha!
What is love? Love is like a rosary that is full of mystery!
*Who is your crush? si Harry Potter ng Concentrix Graphics 🙂
Who is your love? Family and Alex G
Do you believe in love at first sight? No.  But it could end up in loving him.
Who is your first major crush? Ryan B
Who is your first love? Alex G
Who is your first kiss? Alex G


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write in your cute slum note.  Keep this as a simple remembrance (PAMATAY! lol).

Seriously, thanks for reading. – Ruthie
*UPDATED, June 3, 2011