I think it’s in our blood. Since my dad worked in Saudi Arabia for eleven years (not consecutive) and my sister is currently working in Hong Kong for nearly six years now, it’s no wonder that our youngest, my baby brother will work as well outside the country. We’re only six in the family, so it’s a 50% rate of the population. And I’m not closing the possibility of me and my sister working abroad since we’re still young and honestly, for myself, I really want to try working abroad. I want to experience other culture, learn another language and see other places. If you will ask me now where I want to go, I’d answer Korea. Why? I need another post just to answer that! LOL!

Since my brother will go next year, around January or February, we still have so many things to prepare. Good thing my sister (who’s still in Hong Kong) got some of the stuff he needs. She got him some winter clothes and winter jackets. She will also get him a new luggage, I asked her to get him a Titan luggage since it’s been known for their quality. She’s planning to get him a new pair of rubber shoes but I discouraged her in doing that since we have to make sure of the size and comfort right? So you have to get it with him. We’re also planning to get him a laptop for easier communication, maximizing the technology, right? What else? What else?

For sure we will miss him, but I’m pretty sure that we will visit him when gets there! So Sayonara!