don’t drag me to

I’m always thankful for my Bedell (the name I used…hehehe), the laptop that I bought and been using for twelve months now. I still love it since I have not encountered any problems using it, in terms of speed and functions.

But! My home desktop is another story. It’s giving me so much headache nowadays! I don’t know what to do with it! It’s very slow and I feel like as if it’s crawling and slowly dragging me to hell because it kept on interrupting me from doing things, most specially when downloading online. I feel like shouting every time, “Don’t drag me to hell!” I consulted a friend, who’s very good in computers, both in hardware and software, to check what’s the problem with it. He said that old anti virus program is a thing of the past and it’s the main reason why my computer is very slow since it’s eating my resources. He told me that what I need is the latest for the antivirus software where it does not slow down my PC. Since I’m always online, he said that I need it because of its advanced anti-root kit tech; with anti spy ware engine; full protection against email threats; best in malware protection, while doing all of this (protection and stuff), it will not slow down my PC at all. Whew! Since he’s already using it and been known of it’s performance, I’m going to get one now. Another good thing about it? They don’t charge it automatically in my credit card each year which is another awesomeness!

Got to love it!