Day 1 of 5 in Palawan – Puerto Princesa City Tour

We boarded the plane at 7:30 am and left Manila around 8 am. And we arrived in Puerto Princesa around 9:15 am. After getting our baggage, we met our travel agent headed by Jo of JB Travel and Tours. We boarded the van and checked for the itinerary sent. We had an early lunch at Inato’s. I love the grilled tuna that I ordered. It’s thick, fresh and well grilled. For the price of around P200, I was able to get a fulfilling, tasty meal. The money spent was worth. I also love the ambiance since it’s outside and you can feel the fresh air. Hmmm…the smell of Palawan…. After the early lunch (personal account – meaning we paid for it and it’s not part of the tour package), we proceed with the City Tour. Here’s the list of sites we’ve been:

– Running tour to Rizal Avenue (tour guide really knows the city, one highlight, since Puerto Princesa is an island, buildings cannot be taller than 3 storey floors)
– Baywalk (I like the fact that their baywalk does not have any restaurants, compared with Roxas Blvd, it’s a lot better and less commercialized)
– Plaza Cuartel (I felt sorry for all the soldiers who were burned in the Cuartel, though it’s not on a good light, history is part of what makes a city now)
– Immaculate Conception Cathedral
– Binuatan Weaving Center
– Mitra’s Ranch (you can see a very good view of Puerto Princesa City from this location since it’s considered as the highest peak of the island, I love our picture taking session here!)
– Baker’s Hill (I adore, love the bread here! Yum! Yum!)
– Crocodile Farm (First time to hold a live crocodile. Though it frightens the hell out of me, I just gritted my teeth and did it. I will not let it pass without trying it. AJA!)

We finished the City Tour around 4pm and we’re off to El Nido. In Roxas, we had our early dinner around 6pm, from a Vietnamese restaurant where our driver/travel tour representative took us, which is not that good. I did not enjoy the food. After the early dinner, we continued the drive to El Nido. It’s a good thing that I was so sleepy since I did not had any sleep the night and slept almost all the time through the seven hour drive because the rough road is literally rough! Based on my friend’s account of the event, I’m flying and almost hitting my head to the ceiling of the van and I simply don’t care. Well, I don’t care at that time but after we reached Marina Garden Resort and got off, I can feel as if I had tons of bruises and my muscles are sore. LOL.

Good thing that we kind of arrived late at Marina Garden Resort in El Nido around 11pm, because that means I don’t need to eat dinner anymore…sticking with my diet rules…for how long? Well, I don’t know…hahaha. We just had a midnight snack, we ate the bread from Baker’s Hill. I particular like the UBE flavored Hopia. When I first had it in Baker’s Hill, it’s freshly made, still hot and so so tasty.

So this is the room division, first room, room number 5: Malen, Aila and I. Second room, room number 6: Toni, Sally and Wilmer. Third room, room number 7: Japoks, Carol, and Jade. All rooms are clean and well kept. The AC is brand new (I guess) since it looks like one and it really gives cool air. The bathroom is also nice and it’s clean. Good thing there’s no water problem, I love to take long baths… . One thing though, it’s not bad but it should have been nice to know prior from happening, the power is off in the whole island from 6am till 2pm, since the company that provides the power cannot give them 24/7. Good thing, I had my camera, mp3 and cell phone full charged the night before.

So that’s our first day in Palawan. Will post soon the second to fifth. With more pictures than story…I guess…

Inside Terminal 2, while checking in our baggages…picture picture!
What island is this? Parang insekto…
At the Puerto Princesa Airport

Having early lunch, yum yum grilled tuna!

Group shot inside the Plaza Cuartel

Malen is hugging the wall, years older than us! LOL. She’s a history buff, you know!

And I’m just contented in standing away from the walls…doing the “V” sign!

One of the stops, Binuatan Creations…

They’ve got really cool designs for hand bags

And you can weave your own bag if you want…just kidding!

I love our stay here…Mitra’s Ranch! The air and the view are so freshing! Considered as the highest peak in Palawan…nice view of the city!

Group shot!

Photo session…

Photo session of the girls.

Couple shot with best friend

At Baker’s Hill and some highlights….

Crocodiles in the Crocodile Farm

I lost five minutes of my life here…I’m really not moving and not even breathing…

The longest/biggest crocodile ever!

The new name of the “Crocodile Farm”

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