Ondoy, Metro Manila’s Worst Rainfall in History

How were you guys yesterday when  the storm Ondoy hits Manila?  I hope that wherever you

According to this news report, Metro Manila experienced it worst rainfall in history yesterday (Saturday, September 26) in just 6 hours, 6am-12noon with 341 millimeters of rain.  The previous worst rainfall in Metro Manila was 334 millimeters in 24 hours recorded in June 7, 1967.  Imagine if the rain continued for 24 hours?!?!  I don’t even want to think about it.

I would say that me and my friend, Aila was still fairly lucky when we were simply stuck in the office when it happened.  Though we lost the power supply, when we were in the dark and there’s no air condition.  We still have food in our stomach and water to fill us for the rest of the Saturday afternoon and when we were waiting for the water to recede stretched into the night and straight on ’til morning.  Actually, I just got home and wanted to blog this immediately.

Please let us help all of the people who were greatly affected by this calamity.  Imagine all the people who lost their homes…their families.  It does not matter how big you contribute, for as long as you help and there’s the desire to, it will be amazing.  Thank you!