Kim Hyun Joong and Girlfriend

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I already told you that I’m addicted to Kim Hyun Joong right?

Here’s my new picture added in my collection, titled: hyunthie

Sorry Hwangbo, you have to give in to me coz you’re my Unni, right? Even if it’s just by three days. LOL!

Saranghae, Kim Hyun Joong! :) and get well soon!

Funny thing though, at first Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong) is not my favorite in Boys Over Flower drama but Yi Jung (Kim Bum). But I loved Kim Hyun Joong in We Got Married, in return, I liked him in Boys Over Flower. Huuwwwaaahhhttt! What a mixed up!

45 to “Kim Hyun Joong and Girlfriend”

  1. chi o i na says:


  2. elen says:

    ur sooo cool girl…i like u..muahh! hope we become friends…im also addicted to kim hyun joong!!!

  3. ruthie says:

    hi Elen!

    Me too! Where are you from!?

    ruthie’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Ate Yen!

  4. ate kayen says:

    weeee! bagay kayo! wag mo ako sumbong kay alex, hehehe!

    ate kayen’s last blog post..donations for ondoy’s victims

  5. ate kayen says:

    weeeeeee! bagay kayo! wag mo akong sumbong kay alex, hehehe!

    ate kayen’s last blog post..donations for ondoy’s victims

  6. caroline says:

    what a cute girl i love hyun joong

  7. butuan says:

    nice site. nakakatawa naman ang pix.. parang totoo. weeeeee.

  8. regine says:

    kim hyun joong your girlfriend is live in phil. oh my god your girlfriend is so beautiful

  9. regine says:

    i wish you are visit in philippines.

  10. Love Lee says:

    Graveh ka pangittttttt!!!!!!!!! as in !!!!!! kapal!!!!!!!!

  11. ruthie says:

    @Love Lee

    Lola moh! Adik kah? Inggitera! Hmp! ‘Nuff said…hehehehe

    TO my ever dearest Kim Hyun Joong,
    I miss you! Call me! Mwha!

    ruthie’s last blog post..Efren Peñaflorida, CNN Hero of the Year

  12. kim says:

    that is photoshopped but nice work. SARANGHAE KIM HYUN JOONG ♥

  13. hninwutyeewin says:

    I love KIM HYUN GOONG. I want to be friend with u.

  14. mica says:

    I don’t get rent who your girlfriend real I don’t like her
    she’s not pretty she’s ugly I love you Kim hyun joong so much

  15. ruthie says:

    @Caroline – girl, I love you so much for saying that I’m prettier than Hwango (is it HwangBo?) but I’m a Joongboer so I love Hwangbo so dearly and believe me she’s a lot prettier than I am…

    @hninwutyeewin – hi! I love Kim Hyun Joong as well, who doesnt? I want to be your friend to…But I need to burst your bubble and tell you that I’m not his real girlfriend, well, he does not know yet, I only knows our secret…LOL…kekeke

    @mica – I don’t know if her real girlfriend is ugly, but for sure she’s someone special coz she was able to made our Kim Hyun Joong fall in love with her….***sighs***

    ruthie’s last blog post..Happy New Year, Welcome 2010!!!

  16. cutekibbit says:

    reply to syaura: I feel the same way. He is old enough to pick whomever he wants. I just want him to be happy, and it was his personality that got to me more than his looks. He always makes me laugh. He works hard to be where he is. He is a great person, and I hope he finds a great love.

  17. ruthie says:

    @ syaura – i did it using other pro software…I feel the same way too… I wish hyun joong all the happiness…

    @ cutekibbit – agree! I agree! hands down! hyun joong is one great person. I’m sure and I pray that he will find the best one for him. The one that suits his personality well.

    ruthie’s last blog post..Five Ways to Fulfill your Goal

  18. hmmm says:

    is it true he’s dating lee yunha? and thats why he went to canada? to go see her?

  19. caroline says:

    is that really hyun joong girlfriend he should choose hwangbo over her

  20. someone says:

    photoshop! fake!

  21. blue lonely says:

    ….hhahhaha….i thought when i read the title, it’s really true the he have already a girl..but i when I saw it,it was just edited!hahhahah

  22. ruthie says:

    @someone – it’s not photoshop! it’s real! I’m his real girlfriend…believe me! OR NOT! LOL!

    @blue lonely – thanks for dropping by! another hyun joong fan! hwaiting!

    @caroline – thanks for dropping by AGAIN! :)

    ruthie’s last blog post..birthday celebrants

  23. pat says:

    waaaaai! we share the same story, i mean i love Yi Jung in BOF, and i still have a soft spot for Ji Hoo then (because he’s the Korean counterpart for Rui who was played by my all-time crushie Oguri Shun…^^,)…but i definitely had a slight change (? progress…?) of heart — MY LOVE FOR JI HOO GREW!!! hahahah! and it’s all thanks to WE GOT MARRIED! hehe. He was sooooo hilarious!

    He is great. Man, and they (HJ and Hwang Bo) look so good together. ^^,)

    more power to his career!

  24. kapri says:

    huh you look terrible with kim hyun joong. i hope he dumps u

  25. duh... says:

    ewwww..!! asa nmn ung girl…;( ang taas ng saltik nung girl…

  26. caroline says:

    but you are cuter than her

  27. Asian Craze says:

    Kim Hyun Joong is really one of the most loves Korean actors now a day… Well, the picture looks so real. You did a great job in cropping Kim Hyun Joong picture. Great job.

    Asian Craze’s last blog post..Hello world!

  28. caroline says:

    hi hyun joong oppa fan i am CArolline hyun joong fan

  29. caroline says:

    but you all know hwangbo dunp hyun joong for a super junior guy

  30. same i am Kim Hyun Joong’s fan. but please.. don’t spoil his face with your picture.. -.-

  31. vaanessa says:

    hey hyun joong i really love the way u smile is that ur girlfriend ? i really getting jelous.

  32. ishida says:

    what have u done

  33. jhel says:

    Relax you guys!!!she is not KHJ’s girlfriend…I really don’t think so… IN HER WILDEST DREAMS!!! LOL!!!!As far as I know..KHJ recently dated somebody for 5 months secretly but this somebody is not this girl….According to KHJ she is a PRETTY korean girl who is popular but he won’t mention who… (it wasn’t Hwangbo) but he’s not with her anymore because that girl went out with another guy…she’s so stupid huh? How dare her let go of KHJ! Kim Hyun Joong said He is SINGLE!!! I hope He finds the right girl one day though. Oh and before I forget…I think Hwangbo will always be special to KHJ!!!! and that’s period =) I am a solid KHJ fan and forever a Joongboer.. Shoutout to you fellow KHJ addicts!

  34. jhel says:

    I think KHJ will have a heart attack if he’ll see this site…I hope he doesn’t coz it’s really embarassing!!!! I love KHJ.. but man, I DON’T GO THIS FAR!!! please don’t do this anymore… KHJ’s face is perfect, the girl in the background is SUPER HORRIBLE…wha!!!!! so terrible!!! Booo!!!!! I wanna vommit now…seriously =)

  35. avril says:

    i agreed with jhel.

  36. carter says:

    wof this girl is kim hyun joong girlfriend . i don’t think so.

  37. carter says:


  38. Josh says:

    They’re so compatible. Kim Hyun Joong is very fortunate to have her.

  39. *13kelcy love13* says:

    I am totally into KIM-HYUN-JOONG. But he’s a korean, hooowwww ssaaaadddd.I wish i am a koreannnn. I like him. I just like him the way he is….Have courage in life,keep moving……be happy…fightinnnggggg…….!!!!!!

  40. zadel says:

    He’s so waFo!! i wish i could have him even n my DreamSS>>> wakeKe….

  41. karina says:

    whahahah.. obvious na obvious na edited whahahhah……. wag po kayung mangarap ng gising……hhheheheheheheheh,,

  42. Maryam says:

    Coool :))))
    I Like Korean Alot <3

  43. kyu jong says:

    oppaa i don’t care what other says but pleaseeeeeeeeeee don’t say that demon girl is your girl friendddddddd she is soooooooooooooooooooooo scary

  44. kyu jong says:

    anyway if she is ur i m saying this with a stone-hearted … happy oppa hwaiting saranghae……………..

  45. sivaranjani says:

    ur girl friend looks like …………………… pls humble request dont say her as ur girlfrnd she’s n’t suit for u …… takecare of urself bye by ur bigfan

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