100 days before Christmas


It’s 100 days before Christmas?



I have to save some $ now…LOL…

I know it’s still 100 days before Christmas, but can I post my wish list? According to Malen and Aimz, if you blog what you wanted to receive, you will get it, right? Now why don’t I try it? This may sound materialistic but who cares! It’s my blog! Right? LOL

Here are the list of things that I could possibly get, if I have enough…LOL!

1. External USB Hard Drive. I can hear my laptop screaming at me as if choking because of all the files I have here. LOL! Love you Bedell (my laptop’s pet name)

2. Portable MP3 Player. I always feel stressed when I’m traveling from and to at work everyday and I want to kill time by listening to music. My dream is an IPOD Classic, colored black.

3. New cellphone. I’m dreaming of owning a Samsung OMNIA. Haayyzzz…dreaming…I even joined contest online to get a free one.

4. DSLR Camera. I can see myself joining photography classes using my Canon D40. Click! Click! Hahaha. And getting my pictures published in the magazine or even at National Geographic or Time Magazine. 🙂

5. PSP. I wanted this ever since I borrowed Toni’s. I really wanted to have one, but every time I decided to buy, something will come up that I need to prioritize first.

6. New refrigerator. I want to give it to my mom.

7. Second hand car. For my first car, I don’t want it brand new. I’ll get a brand new one once I learned how to drive well.  I’m just so tired commuting everyday.

8. Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese Language Lessons. I’m even willing to teach English lesson in exchange of getting a lesson in return. Email me at angelofthewaters at gmai dot com if you know any institution that’s willing to trade. 🙂

9. New acoustic guitar.  My old one is broken.  I had it when I graduated in high school from mom.

10. Meet SS501 and Hwangbo. Since I got addicted with JOONGBO, I really want to watch a ss501 concert. If I can, I want to meet and greet all of the five members and have a photo and signature session. I’m even dreaming of going to Korea to stalk them (ss501) and of course, Hwangbo.

11. Weight Lost. Loose 50 lbs before I turn 30.  Lipo?  Tummy-tuck?

12.  And lastly, WORLD PEACE!  O ayan ha!  I’m not so selfish….LOL

Please Santa, grant me my wish.  I’ve been nice since forever.  xox, Ruthie