Nobody by Wondergirls

Okey I give in! I’ve been listening to Korean songs even before I became interested with K-Pop (Korean Pop). Before, I only listen to romantic Korean songs, mostly OST from my favorite Korean Dramas. My favorite OST’s are from Coffee Prince and Lovers. But now, I also listen to K-Pop! Yup it’s trueee! And currently, my favorite is Nobody from Wondergirls! 🙂

This song is very popular that it got covered by several people, famous and unknowns. See the other versions of Nobody uploaded in YouTube:

Man in Black and White with Tie Version

Students from Thailand Version

The Solo Fighter Version

Cebu Inmates Version

ASAP’s Version (channel 2)

SOP’s Version (channel 7)

and the original version

The Original Wonder Girls’ Music Video – US (English Version)