My Shopaholic Confession

Hi.  My name is Ruthie and I’m a Shopaholic!

Aside from dreaming of flying around the world (as in real flying without any means of machine in a super fashion way) my other best day dream idea is shopping non-stop, til I drop!  I always feel so exhilarated when I dream about it.  So imagine yourself doing what you’ve always been day dreaming, as in doing it in real life.  Oh yes, I really did! I confess, I’m a shopaholic!

I can still remember the day when it happened.  It was a fine day to begin with, but somehow as the day goes by, it ended up worse than I expected.  I felt so down and as in nothing can cheer me up, even chocolates and cake did not have it’s usual magic.  The things that saved  me were both 1 mm thick, and they’re called credit cards.  Yes!  You’re right!  That day I maxed out my credit limits.  My bills filed up so high it went to the roof.  For sure my salary for the due date will all gonna be for the payment and even some of my saving.  But the most important thing was, my depression’s gone in the end of the day.  I felt tired but was so elating at the same time!  When I saw something that I liked, without hesitation, without doubt, I let the cashier swiped the card and even loved the swiping sound it made with the machine.   That time, I did not care for the bills.   See…

Thanks to Becky Bloomwood for teaching me things I should have learned on my own.  But sometimes, you can’t see clearly if the mirror is so close, right?  After reading all the shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella, I knew that Becky and I were kindred spirits (or maybe, she’s possessing me? LOL).  I can almost relate to her struggles, her joy, her story.  I wish that I’m as witty as her and how I wish that Alex (my own Luke Brandon) is as rich as he (Luke) is. Hahaha!  With my addiction to Ms Kinsella’s Shopaholicness, I even finished reading all five books within a week!  I LOVE IT!

Now, imagine your favorite character coming to life! We all have to see it in big screen!

Catch “Confessions of a Shopaholic” in Cinemas on February 18, 2009!