Movie Reaction: Zack and Miri (Make a Porno)

This movie will inspire you to make a porno…or NOT! 🙂

A funny, sexy and endearing movie that did not disappoint me after hearing great reviews online.

This movie is all about two platonic friends who have known each other since grade school and to pay the bills decided to make an adult film.  During the process of filming the porno movie, the two friends realized that they care for each other more than they want to admit and more than they had before.

My reaction:  the movie is hilarious!  It’s very funny.  Sweet in a way… and I can’t believe that my ex-boyfriend Brandon Routh have a kissing scene with one of the male stars as he’s portraying a gay model, with a boyfriend (Justin Long) in this film.

I love Seth Rogen in this movie.  He’s very funny and his timing is so good.  Elizabeth Banks is so beautiful and sexy here.  Even though she’s poor in the movie, her beauty still shines.  You’ll love her.  Both of them (Rogen and Banks) look good together on screen.  And of course,  I love their porno scene, I mean their tender love making and the hilarious foreplay!

If you have not watched it, do it now.  Just make sure that you’re not watching it with your parents, or grandparents or with little brothers and sisters because of all the boob shots and “action” scenes will definitely raise either reprimands or questions. hahaha!  Enjoy!