2008 Look Back for Angelofthewaters

Everyone’s doing their own year-ender report about what happened to their 2008.  I’ve tried to create one and see what will come up as I’ve searched for my previous posts, check out my friend’s blogs for the events I failed to blog (hahaha, very common for me) and pictures I’ve saved on my hard drive that I never shared (sakim!!!!).

QA Assembly – learned that we our Manager at that time resigned, third manager since I’ve joined the QA Department.  And that we have another Manager.  First time I’ve cooked a viand that’s edible and tasty (according to Howe).  And of course, Howe’s birthday.

Another resignation from the office, this time one of the Supervisors, Sir Dave.  First time that we’ve (QA Family) tried badminton.  I can’t forget the dozen bouquet of long stemmed red roses from Alex. First time to have my first face wart removal.  Ouch!  Althea’s first Jollibee workshop.  Lizzie’s wonderful birthday partee at Cavite. The first time that mom complained about the pain in the lump from her breast and how I suddenly matured in some ways after knowing that.

Check out our pictures from Lizzie’s Partee which I failed to upload.  Bad me!

Papa’s 58th birthday! And my first time to go to Star City in Pasay!  Mom’s masectomy at MCM!

Baby bro’s 21st birthday and his graduation in college! Also Althea and Malen’s birthday! Finished reading all of Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic, thanks to Toni for lending the collection!  Family Fun Day with Leah and Althea, the company’s summer outing.

I had bangs!  EB with her highness Reynz.  First time we went over to Carolina’s place in Bulacan since it’s the fiesta in their place.  Watched John Lapus’ Sweetilicious concert in Music Museum with Leah.

Meeting with Mimi again after nearly a year.  QA Team Building at Eli’s (our Manager) condo.  Althea’s first day at school.  Ate Yen’s arrival.  Ate Faye’s wedding.

Check out our pictures from Mimi’s place which I failed to upload.  Bad me!

Full of Ate Yen’s visit: swimming, watching movie in full 3D and Baguio Trip!!!  Watched Afterimage with Superfriends after couple of years.

Check out our pictures from the AFTERIMAGE concert which I failed to upload again.  Bad me!

I turned 28!:)

Leah and Ate Yen grew another year older.

Puerto Galera with my friends from L2S_MOC. Five years of blogging.  Mom’s birthday!

Movie date, watched One True Love with Mama, Papa and Althea.  Twilight addiction, with books and movie.

Christmas with the family. Aimz’ birthday. And partee and partee and partee!!!