new theme – any ideas?

Time for a new theme!

Have I mentioned that I’m a very pig head even though people are commenting about things that I should try,  or change or look up?  Well, this time, it’s about using Mozilla as my browser.  I know…I know…  I should have used it or installed it before and should check my site using Mozilla but I think the laziness in me is winning every time I want to do something. har har har.

Alright.  Couple of days ago, my brother and sister (other users in this PC), informed me that they’re having problems when they try to get into friendster.  It just kept on loading and loading, accoding to them.  I’ve tried and they’re right! Friendster is not loading properly.  Tried to delete cookies and history but the IE kept on freezing on me.  So I decided to download Firefox.  Whoa! It’s a new way to experience surfing!  It’s at its finest!  I’m so blown on how fast Mozilla downloaded my favorite sites and video streaming!  I love Firefoxx!!!

So I need a new theme now that will work with Mozilla and IE! As in now!