dead tried

I don’t know why I was so stressed the second to the last night of my grave yard shift that was last Thursday. I even cried to Alex. He fetched me from home to work almost three days in a row now; maybe he can feel that I’m forcing myself to go to work every night that’s why he’s doing it.

I don’t know why… I really don’t know why I just cried in front of him, telling him that I’m so tried of working and that I want to resign. Maybe I just a need a vacation, just some time to unwind. I feel so stressed lately because of the night shift. For the first few nights it was ok but not after a week. I can feel that I’m not so myself. Maybe I’m sick because I have slight fever or maybe I’m simply dead tired.

I don’t know why, I just felt envious of Malen’s future plans of renting a condo unit just beside our office at Eastwood. Then that made me cry again, because how nice it is to get enough sleep on an air conditioned room after work or something. Go Len! Let me sleep over ok?

If I may suggest, I would like you to try to use moving pods since you need portable storage for some of your stuff from home right? I envy your independence girl! Take care alright?