where are the birthday gifts?

Thanks to all the people who greeted my on my 28th birthday. Gosh! Three more years and my age is not a “Calendar Girls Age” anymore….

Thanks Malen for that wonderful post that you dedicated only for me! Mwha! Mwha! But you know Ateng, I prefer to have it in cash…hehehe…just transfer it to my paypal account you know!  LOL! If you want, you can have it in goods as well…or GC sa SM, pwede na. hehehe. Basta thanks and love yah!

Thanks also to Toni for the wonderful red Tote bag! I love it! You know how much I love bags! Thanks Tons!

Alex, I love you! And thanks for the birthday cake and ice cream. I LOVE IT! Mwha!

So, where are the birthday gifts?!?! Shower me with your gifts!!!! I mean, your LOVE! hehehe…