domain problems answered – setting up Blogspot custom domain from GoDaddy

Four months ago, I purchased two domain names from GoDaddy but unfortunately I wasn’t able to configure the settings for the domains to work with blogspot as my host. So if you’re asking why do I have to purchase it from GoDaddy when I can buy that from Google Apps right? Well I can’t, because I did not yet have my credit card at that time and even if I do, I did not want to use it for security purposes and all. Continue with the story, so I have to email them (GoDaddy) for support and to tell you honestly I was lucky that they answered my inquiry coz a friend of mine was not that lucky at all.

Now I have this headache because of my domain problems coz last month, I got this sudden whim to purchase additional two more domains from GoDaddy even without knowing how to configure it properly. It is possible that subconciously because of pressure,  I know that I will look for the answer to my burgeoning desire to correctly configure all the domains I purchased.

As what the techsupport from GoDaddy told me, that I have to search online for the answer to my concern…at last I found the answer!  Thanks to Raymond from for the post about the correct configuration. Now, not only domain is working but also my is forwarding to

So this is how I configured the settings as I’ve followed the instruction given:

STEP 1. Must have a blog hosted at Mine was

STEP 2. Must buy a domain of your choice from I purchased

STEP 3. Login to your GoDaddy account and click Total DNS Control and MX Records.

Then, set up a CNAME record for the alias www and for the host enter

Create another CNAME record for the alias, in my case it’s pointing again to the host

I also removed the A host that was configured to park my domain to GoDaddy.

Once done, you will see the added host under Total DNS (first image).

STEP 4. Must configure the custom domain on Blogspot by going to Settings>>Publishing and entering your (or address. Make sure that the redirect was checked.

If done correctly, then you can access your site either with ( or ( and you will be directed to (

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