No I’m not.

I was just busy these past few weeks mainly because of my mom. Last March 1, she had an operation. It was a modified mastectomy on her right breast. Just two weeks before that, she was complaining that her right breast was painful and when you feel it, there’s a lump just below her nipple. That really made me very worried. She has two cousins who died because of breast cancer so you can imagine the panic and worries that we felt. And the lump on her breast was big, it’s about 2cm x 5cm. I asked her to have a check up with the ob gyne so that we would know for sure. The next day, they went to Fatima, which was Wednesday and was advised by the doctor to do a frozen biopsy and mastectomy on the first day of the following week. I feel like everything was so fast, according to the doctor, if it was benign, they will just remove the lump, but if it was malignant, they will remove the whole breast. Imagine the shock that we all felt, that was less than a week when we’ve learned that her breast was aching and the next step will be removing her breast.


I can honestly say that we’re on that denial stage that my mom’s sick and the operation that they have to perform was a simple operation like what she had the year before. She underwent appendectomy last December 2006.

On the scheduled date of operation, it did not happen. The doctors learned that she was taking aspirin and it makes the blood a little dense, which makes it difficult to clot. They could not perform any operation, maybe that’s the sign that we should not do any operation. Ok I would admit that the reason why I did not want to do the operation because of the doctor, the surgeon that will perform the mastectomy. I’m not that confident with him. I’ve got an uneasy feeling towards him. You know that? Or maybe because of how he explained things to us or the lack of it, the process, what will happen or simply, maybe it’s the “aura” again.

The next part will come soon!