seven weirdness in me

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EDIT: I was also tagged by Malensky, here’s her seven. Love you Len! 🙂

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The SEVEN weirdness in me:

I asked my friends from work to give me their opinions about my silliness or weirdness…See their comments:

1. I love to quote myself. I agree!  Why? When talking with friends (na alam ang kabaliwan ko), I would say meaningful words that really sounded so true and so deep, but when asked where I read or heard it, I would just say it’s from Ruthie’s Book.

2. I love ballpens. This is so true. Why? Because I have two ballpens in my bag (same color). I got ballpens in my room at home. I got several at the office. And my ballpens were all of the same brand, same color and same finement; unless it somebody gave me a different one. So for ballpen donations, gifts, or chuva, I like the ordinary black ballpen from FABER CASTELL, 0.7mm Fine, with rubber grip. Thanks! Mwha! Mura lang to promise!  You should check National Bookstore!  This is so mabenta that nauubusan ang National Bookstore, promise!

Eto naman yung part na ako ang me alam:

3. I’m an ambidextrous writer. Feel ko to…coz I can use both hands with equal ease when writing and….

4. I really wanted to be a sexy star/actress. Kaso walang gustong kumuha sa aking manager…hihihi. Calling Alfie Lorenzo and Lolit Solis!!! Please contact me! I wanna be! I wanna be..SuPeR B! 🙂

5. I can eat one gallon of ice cream. Chocolate Flavored: Super Rocky Road preferred. Takaw noh?! DIET! DIET Ruth! Diet!

6. I hate taking bath….for those days that I would just laze around my room, in front of the computer or will just kill time by doing DVD marathons.

7. I love the smell of gasoline. Feeling ko ngang magpart time as gasoline girl, just to feed this fetish need….hahaha….I don’t know why…Bango kasi eh

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