We’re now entering the last quarter of the year. Pangalawang BER na ng taon! Malapit ng mag-Christmas and New Year! YEHEY! Sounds ko sa work PC, puro Christmas carols. Nakakasenti, specially during night shift. Haayyy.

Well, before the year ends, I have a checklist of my Must-Do. I believe that we should have at least 15 Must-DOs before we say bye bye to 2007 and hello-hello to 2008. Yun bang tipong realistic and possible na mangyari, and not imaginary….hehehe. Short term lang ito dear, kayang kaya lang gawin within three months. Go! Go! Go!

So here’s the list.

1. Ice Skating sa Megamall. I really wanted to try this. As in! Gusto ko kasing magroller blades eh, but I have not found any place that offers roller blades rentals, or something like that. Sige na ha! ha!?! ha?!? Prendz, one time, let’s watch a movie there and then ice skate tayo, kahit one hour lang..plezzz….

2. Visit Manila’s Pride. Like Luneta, Intramuros, Chinese Garden, National Museum, Spolarium, Manila Zoo and others. Also the ECO-Park! Mantakin mo! I have not been to the Manila Zoo, National Museum and Spolarium??? Ang gala-gala ko pero di ko pa narating yun. ASUS! Ganoon kalapit, ganoon kalayo. Tapos picture-picture tayo dun.

3. *****Rebond my hair. DONE!!!! Had my hair rebonded at Index Salon, with treatment from L’Oreal called Diacolor Richesse. This treatment will make my hair radiant with color, healthy and shiny, beautiful and glossy. Ganito daw ang finished product, kaya nagpa-diacolor na rin ako…Eto kasi yung poster sa salon….hehehe… Kala ko nga pati peys ma change, indi pala. 😛

4. Loose 5-10 pounds. Either I have to contact the Fitness First’s Nutrionist or take Reductil. 🙂

5. Wanted to experience the Hundred Islands Adventure in Pangasinan. This task depends on my L2S_MOC buddies as well.

6. Learn little Fukien. My friend, Toni, is teaching me, one chinese word per day. Wagi to!

7. At long last, meet his family. The reason why I have to do reasons 3,4, and 6.

8. Get basic piano lessons. I needed time and money here. Sige…carry lang…

9. ***Scan old pictures. NEARLY DONE! Couple of hundreds na lang. 🙂

10. Buy new DVD Combo (RD/WR) and then reformat PC. This is ASAP, but I have to clean my files first. ASUS! Kaka-PUKE!

11. Clean my room. Kahiya noh? As in remove all my Harry Potter posters and possible repainting (?)

12. Finish watchin all of my favorite Asian Series. NEARLY DONE! 🙂

13. Get a domain of my own. 🙂

14. Edit my template. Sooner than later. Kaso hirap kasi nito eh…hehehe…

15. Post blogs every other day!!!

Ikaw ano ang 15-Must Do mo before the year ends?!
Joey Pring