what’s been going on

1. I have another godson, his name is Johann Nicholas Melendres. Son of John and Marjorie Melendres. Marge is my co-QA at work and both of them (John) were my college friends. I did not expect to be close friends with Marge coz we did not usually talk that much when we were younger. hehehe. But look at us now ha! Hm… Life talaga…Parang gulong ng palad…(layo ng analogy ko..hehehe).

With Malen and Alex, I attended his christening last July 28 at PhilAm Church. The reception was held at Shangri-La Restaurant at Quezon Ave. Pictures will be posted once I got them from MALEN. Calling MALEN!!!!!

2. For the past two days, open port ang internet connection sa office. HALA! Friendster to the max ang lola moh! Hehehe! I admit, indi ako mahilig magupdate ng friendster. Tamad noh? But since open ports, while working, I updated my friendster account with the latest pic from our CDO-Camiguin Adventure. Upload! Upload! Upload! From the mere numbers of pic that I had previously, I got now an outstanding 186 pictures..and counting. You can check it out! Cute ako dun! Pramis… hehehe

3. I love “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”!!! The best Korean teledrama of all time! Mapapakilig ka at matatawa sa buong series na ito! If you have the chance to own or watch this…GRAB IT NA! Indi ka magsisisi… You won’t even mind reading the subtitles in English, kahit pa mali-mali ang translation. hehehe. This made me want to learn Korean. Hmmm… Oo nga noh… Sige, sabay tayo?

Grabe! Kilig na kilig ako dito! Kilig to the max! Nakakarelate ako sa kanya! Becayse of the age and weight problem? hehehe. It’s just nice to see “realistic” teledrama. Indi lagi pretty at seksi ang bida… Basta cute at funny ang personality…mas WAGI!

The actress who playes Kim Sam Soon, Kim Seon Ah, have to gain 7kg just for this role, which made her “The Bridget Jones of Korea!” She’s really funny and very cutie. I also like the actor who played Cyrus, Hyeon Bin, he’s really cute and bagay sila. Uulit-ulitin ko talaga to!

Total Episods : 16
Genre : Romance/Comedy
Produced by : Kim Sa Hyeon
Directed by : Kim Yoon Cheol
Screenwriter : Kim Do Woo
Casting : Kim Seon-Ah, Hyeon Bin, Jeong Ryeo-Won, Daniel HenneyProduction and Distribution by : MBCRunning Time : 60 minutes for 1 Episode
Broadcasting Date : 1 June 2005 to 21 July 2005

Thanks to KSS for the pic and show info.

4. Thanks to Malen for introducing me to MyBlogLog.com! Love you friend! Nga pala, regalo ko sa birthday ko ha?! hehehe

5. With great smile on my face… I’m now on MORNING SHIFT! Yahoo!!! Friends, my schedule is 5:30am-2:30pm. Restdays are the same, Sun and Mon. So pag gimikan ng Saturday night open na open ako…hehehe.

6. Showbiz News: Angel Locsin lumipat na sa DOS. You can see the news here.

Honestly, ako hindi affected. Indi ko kasi siya favorite. Konti lang talaga yung teledrama na sinubaybayan ko, isa nga lang ata. Yung Captain Barbell, with Camille Pratts and not with Rhian Ramos ha. Kit-Teng ang shipper ko dun. Back to Angel, kaya ayun di ako affected, kahit pa sa Channel 4 siya lumipat…hehehe.
Pero yung younger sister ko, galit na galit. Keso wala daw utang na loob, traidor, manggagamit, sinungaling….she saw the interview kasi of Ms. Wilma Galvante sa Showbiz Central two weeks ago

Wilma Galvante’s Interview about Angel Locsin leaving GMA-7 – PART 1
Wilma Galvante’s Interview about Angel Locsin leaving GMA-7 – PART 2

My opinion here is…if her reason for leaving is she’s not happy anymore with her work at GMA 7, then go on and move, but hopefully it’s not because of money offered by ABS CBN. Just make sure that in anything and everything that you do ay walang kang tinapakang ibang tao, and yung move mo will not cause other people any harm, and lastly you’ve prayed for it and you felt that it’s God’s will na umalis ka, then leave. Di ba? Ganun lang…Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!