OoTP Posters and FF

UPDATE: Thanks to BonnieWrightonline for featuring the pics I’ve taken. Love the site! Always updated with the latest Bonnie/HP news! Very cool staff!

It’s my first day working out at Fitness First there at SM North Edsa. The place was really nice and the equipment was so great! All brand new! The boys were so cute! hahaha! It’s kinda hard to do boy watching…alone… 🙂

I attended the cycling class called RPM. Sorry I forgot what it means, hahaha. But the trainor told us. I was so relaxed afterwards, had steam bath after work out! Whew! For sure I shred some pounds there. 🙂

I would suggest to my new Fitness First Buddies to try out the SM North Edsa branch! Go! Go! Go!

And the highlight of my day: I saw the OoTP Poster (or something like pop-up) at the movie part. They got nice Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four movie and nice boat from Pirates but my head swam when I saw the Harry Potter’s. I know it’s been like there for maybe couple of weeks or days but since I’m not always at the mall, it was the first time that I saw it. When I was walking to get there, I first hoped that I brought my digicam and if I didn’t I would settle for the phone cam that I have. Thank God I did have my digicam. I did not know what I was thinking why I packed it with my extra shirt, skirt and undies for my work out. hahaha. I would never know why…

So enjoy the pics. I really love the Bonnie/Ginny pics. Enjoy! Click pics to enlarge!

The over all look of the poster….

Then some solo shots of Ginny, Luna, Neville (from the back…) I have to really get close to shoot this. Good thing the security guard was not there. hehehe…

And lots of Ginny/Bonnie’s solo since she’s my favorite girl character…isn’t it obvious? 🙂

And a shot from my favorite Weasleys (Ron and Ginny)

… and couple of shots from Ginny again with different angles