Aruy! aruy! aruy talaga!

I can’t really tolerate pain. Ang sakit talaga promise! It hurts a lot! Sobra! Nasusuka ako sa sobrang sakit! ARAAAYYYY!!!

I had this foot warts or in more common term as “matang isda” for couple of weeks na. It’s more painful every morning after taking bath and when I’m walking long distances. So last Saturday, I decided to have it removed. So far, I don’t know if the pain was worth it. On my right foot, I got 8 warts and 3 on my left. I wasn’t able to take a picture before I had it removed so I don’t have a reference.

So I went to the hospital, which was accredited by our company’s health insurance, in Eastwood. The doctor informed me that the anesthesia was the most painful part of the procedure, and I should have never doubted her. Sobrang sakit talaga. After she applied the anesthesia, she cauterized the wondered part and then scratched or ‘kinayod’ til it bled. After that, she cauterized again to stop bleeding. It was really painful after that, possible that the anesthesia stopped working. But it really made me cry. I drank mefanamic acid, but it did not take affect after 45-minutes or so. So it was really painful…GRABE! According to Dra. Herredia, it will only take couple of days and I could walk normally again. Sana, I’ll be fine sa Christmas Party on the 13th.

I’m so lucky that Malen and Janice was with me that time. They helped me to ride the cab and bus. Thanks to Alex as well for fetching me home. Thank you din Lord for the strength…GRABE!

WARNING: If you have strong stomach, you can see the pics below of my foot warts after they had been cauterized.

whole foot
lower part of the foot
upper part of the foot
close up of the toe


UPDATE, February 22, 2018:

After 12 years since I posted this blog, I still receive questions on how people can self-medicate to heal their “matang isda” or foot warts.  Disclaimer: I am sharing what happened to me and it’s still best to seek professional help from dermatologists.

So, here’s what I did to my other foot, the left one (not cauterized) and after just five-seven days of repeating the same process. It all healed, without the pain and hassle of the cauterizing process.  Up to this day, the wart did not re-occur.  Thankfully!  So here’s the procedure which was also posted on the comment around 2010.

The doctor gave me something for my other foot, sorry I cannot remember but it was really effective and it was painful at all (if done correctly).  Just go to Mercury Drug or other drugstores near you, then ask for the salicylic acid that contest also the virus. A small bottle of it costs around P500 that time. Comparing it to your regular Salicylic acid of P30, its really more expensive.  But believe me that it’s worth the price. 🙂

The good thing is, it really contests the virus from spreading…so gagaling talaga sya. PRAMIS! I only treated my left foot for 5 sessions and tyaran! gumaling na agad sya.

1. Maghugas ng paa. Gumamit ng Safeguard white for anti-bac (not advertising, pero share ko coz eto kasi ung ginamit ko). Make sure na hindi gagamitin ung sabon sa iba pang katawan, so buy the smaller one.
2. Ibabad ung affected na paa for about 20 – 30 mins. sa maligamgam na tubig with alcohol.
3. Patuyuin, then use the Salicylic acid. Be very careful, use the brush applicator that came with it. Just put on the exact area where you can find your kulogo, ung mismong bilog lang. Kasi the tendency is it will ‘burn’ the kulogo. It will kill the skin ba… 🙂
4. Then you cover it with the tape. Yung ginagamit for wounds na parang brown tape na makapal pero para sa sugat or ginagamit together with gauze.  Gupit gupitin para eksakto lang sa kulogo.
5. Then pag gising sa umaga. Tanggalin ung tape, then you’ll see your kulogo na parang dead skins. tanggalin ung dead skin using the nail cutter. Be very careful, huwag paduguin. Ung dry skin lang ang tanggalin.
6. Repeat the same process until matanggal na ung kulogo. The number of times you have to do it depends on the number of foot warts you have or the severity. On my left foot, at first I had three big warts and before I started doing this it increased up to eight big foot warts.  For eight big foot warts, I had it treated for at least 3 to 5 times lang ata and all is well.  🙂

I hope this helps….

Leave comments if you’ve tried this and if it worked.

-website owner, Ruthie