First Time Gardener

I’ve been wanting to fix our front house space for gardening for a very long time, but I could not find the time and the strength to do so.  Before, on my rest days, I find myself busy spending time outside with the kids, binge-watching series after series, or do my favorite past time – sleeping, which I realized that I really lack of whilst working.

I started my gardening experience last January 28.  I decided to buy the  Ramgo tomato and lettuce seeds and compost soil from Handyman at One Mall, Gen T. de Leon.  The seeds cost P49.75 each, while the compost soil was at P150.00 for one pack, which weighs 5 kilos,  This was just on impulse after seeing the seeds, combined for my love of tomatoes.  I decided not to splurge on buying too many seeds and pots, and just work on what I have.  I searched our house for possible items that I can use. I found old  cup noodles and ice cream containers from Abigail’s (my sis-in-law) birthday.

So I planted the lettuce from the used cup noodles and the tomatoes from the used ice cream containers.  Just after 3 days, I saw the sprout coming out of the tomato and about 1 week for the lettuce.  Aren’t they beautiful? 🙂

tomato seedling

My Tomato Seedlings

lettuce seedling
My Lettuce Seedlings

Seeing my success on the germination of my tomato and lettuce seedlings, I then use my old seeds – okra, corn and green bell pepper seeds all from Ramgo.  Unfortunately, I was able to successfully germinate only the okra seeds.  In just 3 days, was able to see okra seedlings using an old plant pot from Mama’s garden.

okra seedling
My Okra Seedlings

You can see how inexperienced I am in planting.  No spaces in between, no room for growth.  Both for me (on gardening) and for the plants.  🙂

The good feelings on seeing the plants grow from seeds are comparable to getting myself commendations from clients and immediate superiors.  As I used to work on a company that is “client-centric” and then working my a** off to get commendations from them (clients) can be compared to seeing my tomato seeds, lettuce seeds and okra seeds germinating for the first time.  It’s just that this time, I did not have to work my ass-off in seeing the plants.  I just need to give them enough love and care, with a lot of help from sun… and viola — it germinated! 🙂

I will soon transfer the plants to bigger pots.  I can’t wait to share it with you all! Wait for it! 🙂