Wedding Pre Nuptial Ideas

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“The Family that works together, stays together.”

Our QA Family in Concentrix had our photoshoot for the office’s June event called Wedding Jitters. We are so fortunate that we have in the team a professional photographer and make up artist. You can check out our different themes or ideas that you can use for your own pre nup.

Location: UP Diliman. Make sure that you will get your permit to shoot from the Office of the Community Affairs (if I’m not mistaken). If you have in your team an alumni, make sure that you ask him/her to get the permit or else, you have to pay for it.

Photographer: Jetti Pili. You can check out his newly created facebook page here: Jet Pili Photography

Edited by: Me :)

Make-up Artist: Jack Jorel Castano

THEME 1: “Forced Love”
Actor: Erickson Cabonita
Actress: Shiela Elio

THEME 2: “I love ME”
Actor: Jack Jorel Castano

THEME 3: “Marriage to Oneself”
Actor: Jack Jorel Castano

THEME 4: “Same Sex.Same Love”
Actor (in white): Jack Jorel Castano
Actor (in printed): Roberto Umali


THEME 5: “Timeless Love”
Actor: Erickson Cabonita
Actress: Riza Angeli Mercado


THEME 6: “Romantic Love”
Actor: Erickson Cabonita
Actress: Riza Angeli Mercado


THEME 7: “True Love IT IS”
Actor: Roberto Umali
Actress: Riza Angeli Mercado

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