Smoking Can Loose Weight?

I need to loose about 27 lbs if I want to have a free Samsung Galaxy Note for a phone/tab. Hubby told me that he will give me one if I loose that much! I don’t know if it’s healthy to do that or even possible within three months. But I kept on dreaming and wanting that phone since I have two of my best friends already have each.

I don’t need to join any internet contests or raffle to get one for free, I just need to loose wait. The problem is, I need to do it fast! 🙂 But I’m afraid to drink medicines or slimming coffees to aid me. I’m afraid of the side effects. Some say that they lost weight because they smoke or did not even gain weight because of smoking. Is it true? Hmmm, I dunno but a friend working in abroad is going to send me some packs of stuff like that, I just don’t know if I should give it a try or not. It’s just that I’m not really sure if it’s okey for me to do that since I had asthma when I was young.

Maybe a good exercise plan and dieting will do. Right?