Althea’s Pictorial

After buying Althea’s dress for her upcoming 7th birthday, we have to have her picture taken because we will use those pictures for her invitation. So I took out my DSLR and shot several pictures of her. Isn’t she cute or what?!?!

She’s kind of shy at first because there where so many kids outside our gate looking at her.

I really like her natural smile here…she look so innocent! 🙂

This is the full view of her dress. It’s like a princess dress because of the ‘ball gown-layered’ style of it. We got this dress from Divisoria mall for a very reasonable price of P1500 from P1800. It’s a lot cheaper compared to buying it in the mall.

Must pose like a princess!

Another pose like a princess!

For close up, we need this kind of shots for her tarpaulin.

Complete close-up shot, with her tiara. A princess is not a princess without her diadem!

I love how she smiled. You will think that she practiced smiling? Nope, she did not. She got talent when it comes to modeling. She can project herself. She knows that she did not have a good set of teeth so she smiles naturally without it looking so forced (in trying to hide it).

More to come!!!