Althea’s Invitation

They say that when a little girl turned seven, she should have a mini debut to celebrate her birthday. And that’s what we gave her, my beautiful niece Althea. We gave her a very special 7th birthday!

Let me share to you her birthday invitation.

To save money, we have her invitation printed on a photo paper from Kodak (because it’s the one near at the office). I edited the words on her invitation while her Aunt Abby designed the layout. Unfortunately, I did not have Photoshop to edit and mix the pictures together. Couple of days ago, I took several pictures of her wearing the princess gown we bought for her. So what we have now are: Althea, on her pink princess gown;  a downloaded pictures of the Disney princesses and also a picture of a castle as the background. After Abby combined the three pictures, I edited the words and have it all printed. The final invitation is this….

Expenses: Printing and Envelope – about P400 for 30 pieces

It’s really cheap compared to having this made-to-order in Recto. With the technology today, you can do almost everything on your own.  You can save money and you’ll enjoy making things for the celebrant who’s dear to you.