Hosted a Bridal Shower

This is the fourth bridal shower that I hosted, the first one was for my college then colleague and a friend, Jean Bernales-Notario.  The second bridal shower that I hosted was for an old colleague, Christine.  The third one was last November (2010) for my friend and colleague, Clarinda Santiago-Ang. Now for the fourth (and hopefully not the last), we threw a bridal shower for the future Mrs. Wenning, Ms Marie Fe Domingo.

You could say that I’m no amateur when it comes to throwing bridal showers but I guess I should give a disclaimer that all the things that I know was from the books I’ve read or from internet. It took a lot of research and knowing your friends (attendee and the future-bride) to know what type of bridal shower will suit them. By the way, as of this writing, I have not yet had the chance to host a bridal shower where we rented any stripper, so I can say that it’s always safe fun! 🙂

Now, for the recent one that I hosted, I would consider Ms Ae (our supervisor) as a very conservative type of person. Instead of giving her a real stripper/dancer, we opted to simply set her up. She was thinking that we rented a male dancer for the night, but we really did not. It was really funny and I had stomach ache after that. All in all, I guess the guests and most specially the bride-to-be really did enjoy the shower party. Here’s the outline of the party, we can do this as well, if you want.

I. Scavenger Hunt
II. Dinner, while checking the pictures/videos for the Scavenger Hunt
III. Naughty Pictionary
IV. Blow-Blow the Condom Game
V. Announcement of the Orange-y Winner
VI. Toasts and messages for the bride-to-be
VII. “Stripper Time” hehehe
VIII. Winding down the night with sharing from more experienced girls (Carol, to be exact…LOL)

I will be posting soon the Official Rules of Scavenger Hunt that I edited from an online expert, the tasks I’ve created for the team, and of course the pictures!!!

Watch out!!!