Happy 61st Birthday Papa!

Happy birthday to my Papu as he celebrates his 61st birthday! He asked us to celebrate his birthday this year with his two favorites, videoke and beer. Nah…I’m just kidding. My father rarely drink, he’s not even an occasional drinker. He only drinks if he likes the person he’s drinking with. So much for drinking buddy.  LOL.  And my dad is so frugal that he thinks drinking beer is a waste of good, hard earned money where in the end you’ll get headache and again waste money by drinking medicines to relieve yourself from the hangover.

So imagine our surprise when he told us that he wanted to celebrate his birthday this year with a videoke and beer.  So we all agreed in giving him his much needed birthday celebration…LOL.  Here are the pictures with some descriptions.

Mama and Papa, smooching…LOL


Althea posing with the big balloon

Sister Leah and college friends

Papa and his friend

Let’s sing happy birthday to you and blow the cake daddy!!!

Chibugan na!!!

Here’s the food…well this is about the 1% of it all..SISIG, adobo, caldereta, spaghetti and cake

Jean and Cheng with Richmond

Kids were also enjoying themselves kahit di pa pwede ang inuman.

The Second generation of cousins – Richmond, Althea and Jairus

MAMA and ASKier

Mama and me, while she shows her talent…hehehe

Papatalo ba si Papa?

Papa and Chona’s extended family.. 🙂

Mama’s always crying when she sings, Minsan-Minsan because of our baby brother who’s currently working in JAPAN…she misses him so MUCH! Miss you too Dodong!

My future sister-in-law, Abby

Mahaba na tong post ko ah…pero mas mahaba ung inuman nila nung gabing un! 🙂

My relatives..goofing…as always..:)

SERIOUS naman daw…

It’s the SARIO couple.. 😛

the Sarios with Ate yen

Papa and Howe

Ate Faye and Kuya Gary with my nephew, Adrian

Wala pa bang susuko?  LOL

Click HERE for the rest of the pictures…kala nyo yan lang noh? LOL
Until next year!!!! 😛