PC at last!

Oh gosh! is this for real? At last, I have na my PC…hehehe…aiMz and I canvassed since last week. Robbie and Marvin helped me to decide for the specs. I just told them what I need. And Robbie was with me when we purchased at Dyamic Ultra Tech (where aiMz got her digicam), and Annie helped us too..okei di ba? andami ko ngang discounts…so here’s my specs

AMD Sempron 2200+

ECS nsu400-A

256MB Geil DDR 400

64MB MX 400 Radeon

1.44 FDD Sony Black

706 Case with KB/M/S

Lite on CD-RW 52x32x52

40GB 7200 Seagate

chasis fans (2 pcs)

edimax 56K internal modem

(old)10GB 7200 Seagate

I really enjoyed it! Go! Go! Go! Digicam naman next week…hehehe…