I’ll Be Seeing You by Frank Sinatra

I don’t know why I want to hear the song I’ll be seeing you by Frank Sinatra. Here it goes:

I’ll be seeing you;

In all the old, familiar places;

That this heart of mine embraces;

All day through.

In that small cafe;

The park across the way;

The children’s carousel;

The chestnut tree;

The wishing well.

I’ll be seeing you;

In every lovely, summer’s day;

And everything that’s bright and gay;

I’ll always think of you that way;

I’ll find you in the morning sun;

And when the night is new;

I’ll be looking at the moon;

But I’ll be seeing you.

We bought coffee at Starbucks in Eastwood and took some pictures in Eastwood City Walk 2. I really like our picture coz as if we really have somebody else took it, but it was just the three of us. I really like the Mocha Frap. I took some shots of Aimz, sitting at the bench and it’s really artistic and I think Aimz a real model coz he looks good in camera and she really inspired me to buy Digital Camera and of course CPU for our ‘broken’ system. I lend Eva Mee my book about Single, Wild, Sexy and Safe by Graham M. and I watched Wimbledon-DVD and it was good, fresh and not heavy. Good for relaxing.