PSP3000 at long last!

They say that if you wanted something.  You should write about it and make it a goal.

Not a long time ago, I made a list and I called it my Material List.  I wrote that in one of ticklers.

Check out the list below:

1.  External USB Hardrive
2.  Portable MP3 player (dream of getting an IPOD)
3.  Cellphone (dream of owning a Samsung OMNIA)
4.  DSLR Camera (dreaming of receiving a CANON 40D)
5.  Refrigerator (for Mama)
6.  2nd Hand Car (for convenience)
7.  PSP

As of this writing, I was able to get/receive except one, the 6th on my list.

1.  External USB Hardrive – I received this from my sister, Ate Yen.  Thanks te!
2.  Portable MP3 player – though I’ve wanted the ipod touch, I’ve opted to the cheaper version where it’s ok to use in public and to carry when I’m travelling to and from work during ungodly hours.
3.  Cellphone – Samsung OMNIA is way over my budget, so I got another smartphone but the cheaper one, Nokia E63
4.  DSLR Camera – not the Canon but got an entry DSLR, Nikon D3000 — love it!
5.  Refrigerator – got the Electrolux, Titanum 2-Door for Mama, last last Christmas 🙂
6.  2nd Hand Car – still saving up for this
7.  PSP – just got it! 🙂

So, after considering so many things like what version to get, color, capacity.  I opted to get the PSP3000.  Turquoise Green.  I just bought the unit  because this was a lot cheaper.  The unit came with the 5.83 firmware version, so I had my friend upgrade it to 6.20 version so that I can play downloadable games.  Thanks Jepoy for the free upgrade!  So I just have to buy a separate memory card and casing….and I’m good to go!

The lowest price for one package with firmware 6.20 amounts to around P13,000 to P15,000 depends to the capacity of the memory card.  So I can say that I got my on a well-reasonable price, I got the unit for P9800, the memory card for P1400 – it was Sony Memory Card and it’s 8G and the casing worth P350.  Another plus, I got the unit payable for 6 months through my credit card!  Wicked, right?!

So, this is my new baby…I have not yet named it, so can you give me one?  Since my laptop was called Bedell, my DSLR’s called Nikki, I don’t know what to call it….. Hmmmm…..

OK, let’s play!