the new year – 2011

It’s like the text message that I sent to my friends just when the new year started.

I will not be making any new year resolution this year, but I will try to be better in everything that I do so that I can see improvements in different aspects of my life.

For a start, I remembered blogging last year that I will be a better blogger the whole year through.  Mostly posting related and quality post for you to enjoy and if possible even to learn something.  But what happened was, I even posted less and not as much as fun as I want it to be.  It seems that I even lost the interest in blogging (though it was partially true…**sad**).  That was not entirely the case.  I just could not find the time to do stuff that I want.  I’ve done so many things last year that I wanted to share.  Maybe I will post it here…maybe I won’t.  ***Sighs***

What I wanted is to have a new year with renewed fire for blogging.  Soon…I think I will find it…Will you wait?