team bonding…part 2

We went again in Sunlight Resort near in Antipolo. We had a real great time. This time we are prepared coz we have our own swimming gears (?!) with us. Marlon and Eliza thought us how to dive properly. We really enjoyed the time there. The room is P1T only. We ate Liempo, chicken, and fish from Andoks. I learned a lot about swimming today. I felt afraid when I got into the middle of the pool and I can’t float. My friends are occupied coz they’re taking pictures. At first I was ok, but my right foot stopped working and I can’t feel any blood. Well that what happened. Thanks to aiMz, she shouted that i’m drowning…hehehe. We slept around 3:30pm coz we have to work later that time. At work, I’m most asleep…hehehe.