salad ala ruth

I’m no cook. That’s a fact.

I don’t even know how to properly fry a fish where in the end it still has the fish skin and not battered by the frying stick…hahaha…I know I’m helpless in the kitchen.

But recently due to my insisted addiction with Ceasar salad, I created my own garden fresh salad with a twist of fried Tuna.  It’s really easier to cook the fish when it does not have the skin anymore, right?

That’s what I love about salad.  Just mix and match it and for as long as you love the dressing, you can go anyway with it.   For my own version, I just blanched (I have to resort to google to know how to properly blanch) the brocolli and mixed it with fresh lettuce, toasty breads and fried tuna.  I dressed it with a prepared ceasar dressing.  O-la!  I now have my own salad ala ruth!  I love the greenness of it!  It’s really good, promise!
One step to me becoming a real chef!  😛