Movie Reaction: Despicable Me

I thought that it’s just another 3D movie. I’m a fan of 3D movies specially if the movie is made for 3D full length and not just a trying hard 3D movie. I don’t care if the cost of watching a movie in 3D is twice compared to your regular showing for as long as the movie is all worth it.Who would have thought that a mere opinions of my co-workers would urge me to watch it and I honestly really enjoyed it. The plot may have been used before. The ending may have been predictable. The antagonists may have been not so original. BUT the way they combined all the ideas together is really remarkable. I was really pleasantly surprised by how the story was well paced and the story though predictable, it was very enjoyable.   There were so many funny lines, some of them were the lines (or reactions) from the minions and even the funny one liners from Agnes got me!

This movie’s not just for kids.  Even for adults with a heart.  Go see this with your friends, your kids and even your special someone!

Rating it 4 out of 5 stars.