Up North Trip Day 1 – La Union

Started last January 14 and for four days, me and my friends have traveled up north to conquer the hidden beauty of Northern Philippines. Thanks to Mario for letting us hitch hike all the way to La Union to Ilocos Sur and back.

Toni, our very own haciendera
We have to go now…
Time for big snacks!

Stop over at the Shell along the highway for late, late lunch.

So after work we traveled for six hours all the way to La Union where we stayed to Toni Parel’s hacienda. Her family is very welcoming and we really enjoyed our stay there. It really feels like we’re staying in a hotel since we were really taken care of, we even have all of our rooms air conditioned. So here it us, testing the beds…

Stay tuned for the next days happening and a lot of picture taking.