move that file

I bring my 2 Gig USB flash drive anywhere, everywhere, anytime. It is as if my other lipstick. You will never know when you will need to save files for future use. I can still remember the ¾ floppy disk era. I use to have boxes and boxes of that for my thesis in college, you know the one that can hold at least 10-15 disks at a time. Usually I bring about 2 of that every day. And I hate it when it gets corrupted and you can only use it after formatting, but you do format it, you will lose your files. Nah…those were the days. I’m so glad that flash drives were invented, you don’t even have to have a bag to place it, you can simply put it around your head (using the necklace that came with it) and you also got to have an instant accessory.