PIZZA HUT…makin’ it great

Posted in Uncategorized on Jan 05, 2005

Alex’s birthday was last January 1. My friends (Malen and Aimz) asked me to tell him that if he wants, he can treat us some pizza for dinner. We met Alex at Nepa Qmart around 6:00 pm and we went to Pizza Hut Libis to eat my favorite double crust pizza. Oh how I love the cheddar cheeze in my mouth. Very sinful…

I really love this dinner treat because we got to spend some time with Alex and him with my friends. Bad thing—were so glutted! And its really hard to concentrate on our work or even work at all if we’re too full!!! We promised that we won’t eat pizza for quite some time. Do you think we can keep our promise? Let’s wait and see. By the way, Here’s our pics…

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