The opposite of love is not hate but indifference.

My sister got into a motor accident weeks ago. Thank God she’s still alive and she did not have any broken bones in her body. She got bruises and scrapped face, arms and legs. True, maybe an angel is indeed watching over her. We’re all thankful for some of the people who saw the accident and helped her. One of the onlookers is a pastor who even prayed for her while the others gave her new soap and cleaned her wounds. So what’s wrong in this picture? Of course, it’s not the onlookers who helped her but the people who caused the accident.

She got into an accident because of a ball. There were group of people, teenagers to be exact, who were playing basketball near the road and while they’re playing, the ball bounced into the road hitting the motorcycle, making the ball slide between the tires. This made her lost her balance causing the accident. After that the teenagers just run and left my sister and my future sister-in-law, who were with her (her tandem) literally smashed between the pavement and the scooter. If they just help her, we would not have been mad. My parents even went to the Barangay Hall and reported the incident. Our anger should have been abated if they helped her. How could some people just live her lying on the road? Thankfully there were no cars or trucks that passed by…

I’m enraged on how some people just left her and amazed (and thankful) on how some people helped her. How can apathy and love exist in one location, one situation, and one circumstance? I just wished that it would have been just love, but we live in a real world where real things happen. We’re just lucky that she was not seriously hurt and thankful for the people who helped her.

Look at her scrapped toes and the blueish smallest toe.

Scrapped knee

Scrapped heel

Bloody arms

bruises on her face, the day after the left side of her face turned all blue