Family Day, Fun Day at Enchanted Kingdom

It’s been my fifth time in Enchanted Kingdom.  I admit that I still shout not because I’m thrilled by the rides, but I’m thrilled to spend the day with my niece, sister and future sister in-law. I’m so happy that my niece really enjoyed the day. Thanks to my co-workers, Julius and Ross for the favors.

The following are the highlights of our day:

Picture with wizard and…and…I dunno her name. But she’s together with wizard. I don’t know if its romantically or not. LOL

Althea with Wizard and her. LOL

Roller Skates ride

Leah and Althea up in the air

Thea driving the train ride.

Abby and Me…inside the kiddie train ride…LOL

Althea enjoying the place, alone…

Me, Althea and her mom, my sister, Leah

we met ate faye and family near the Wheel of Fate

trying to be goofy with the monkey

abby and her boyfriend, my baby brother

log jam…ready to get wet

we also tried the wheel of fate…so love the night’s cool air

we also tried space shuttle but the best of all is ending the night with a thank you kiss from her. 🙂

See the rest of the pics here! And be amazed with our goofy-ness! 🙂