be a lawyer

When I was a little I wanted to become a lawyer, maybe it’s because of older people and relative’s comment about me. Some of them were like this:

“You are destined to become a lawyer!” –>> they were no psychic how can they say that I will become one? Which I don’t!

“With your verbal prowess, being a lawyer is the most beneficial career for you.” –>> well I can also be a professor or public speaker, right?

“Lying is like a second nature to you. Be a lawyer it will suit you.” –>> I hate this comment! Most kids lie if they know that they can’t do anything about it, right?

But as I go older I realized that becoming a lawyer is one of the careers for me.

I really wanted to become a lawyer because I wanted to defend the poor and helpless.  If offering my service will help the people who really need and deserve to receive a fair chance of winning a case then I will give it.  It’s also been my dream to handle high profile cases, not only here in the Philippines but also globally.  I even dreamed of becoming the second Elle Woods though I’m not blonde, not sexy and I’m no Reese Whiterspoon.  🙂  I can still remember the scene when she was doing the lsat prep with her friends inside the sorority house or is it the preparation for an entrance exam?  Isn’t cool?

Sad to say, to get into a law school is impossible for me, money and time wise.   But don’t feel bad for me, I got into a very good school and finished a course that I’m proud of.  So everything ends well…