High School Reunion

It’s been fourteen years since I had seen my high school friends. Some of them like Rhea and Malou, we had the chance to go to the same university in college, in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Now, after all these years, I’m so happy to see them all again. Memories are flooding back to me as if it’s like Undoy. Memories that were long forgotten are back in a flash. Some of the memories are truly I treasure the most, while some, I’d rather forget. Now you can say that those were the days but I don’t feel like that myself possible because I’m still single and living my own life. I guess my view would have been different if I’m now married and have kids of my own.

The committee have been busy months prior to the reunion. We needed to sell raffle tickets so that we can have fund for the upcoming program. After selling tickets to our friends and colleagues at work, some of them insists that I bully them into buying.  What?  I just told them that if they love me, they have to buy some.  Is that bullying?  Don’t think so…Maybe, it’s persuasion with love.  So we had the raffle last December at our high school ground/building. For my part, one of my colleagues won the P500 gift certificate. None of my buyers won the three major prices, but at least! 🙂

So here are the pictures of our high school reunion, the group shots:

really serious


wacky_part 2

This is me sharing/updating my friends on what happened to me for the last 14 years:

Some of my high school friends:

The Tarpauline:

with the chairman (the most left) and the gurls:

one of my favorite teachers, my teacher in Chemistry and at the same time, the school counselor, Ma’am Angeles

with my best friend, Rhea

It was really enjoyable. The highlight of the day was when our teachers shared their joy of seeing us again and reminisce all the ‘hard’ times they encountered teaching, in and out of school, because of us.

I think, though I’m not a popular student in high school and I’m not one of those ‘it’ girls. I was really happy in then, but college is another level, another story, that was when I learned to spread my wings and fly.

All in all, it was an experience I would love to do again. And again. And again.