I know I’m not posting all that’s been happening to me though I really want to share it all. Please forgive me for though I want to blame my lack of time and I guess it’s really my laziness that got me and I guess sometimes I really wanted to post something that’s worth reading for all but in the end it dragged and decided that it’s too late to even post it all.

Now this time, I just wanted to compose little doodles of what happened to me last year 2009.  So what’s really with my 2009?

January – I spent most of my time preparing for my upcoming trip. Prepared for the passport, Visa for China – which we failed to get one, trying to save. I also had my hair rebonded at Heaven’s Salon in Shaw, it was very cheap but very disastrous I wish I had not had my hair done though. And for the past three years, last Jan 29, 2009 I was late for two minutes for the first time for work.

February – from the 11th to the 25th, mom, dad and prince went to Dumaguete after more than two decades.

March – from the 4th to 11th was my first international trip, it was in Hong Kong with friends, Aimz, Sherlie, Lizzie and Malen. Got my Jason Statham and BOF (Boys Over Flowers) addiction.

April – got my complete, hard bound book of Twilight Saga Collection. Went to Family Day, Fun Day with the whole family.

May – ended the summer getting addicted watching the whole series of Desperate Housewife.

June – nothing special, just finished the latest Supernatural Season.

July – first fight, got heartbroken from July 2 – 5, but mended after a very, very long talk. Got excited coz it’s Harry Potter 6. Anniversary, dare I say for how long?

August – consecutive dates with Howe, 2 – Padi’s Point in Antipolo, 8 – Shopwise, Cubao, 15 – SM Marikina, GI Joe and Old Spaghetti House, started my Joongbo addiction and lost around 7 lbs because of it.

September – start of my graveyard shift and sleeping problems. Ondoy tragedy.

October – from 11th to 15th we went to Palawan with Malen, Toni, Jade, Aila, Carol, Sally, Japokx, Wilmer. And on the 24th I got a brand new cellphone, yesh!

November – after fourteen years I got to meet my old high school friends when we had our meeting for our high school reunion at Robert’s (Bato) Place in Maysan. First time for that year when we had our first QA Team Building at Caliraya, Quezon from 28th to 29th.

December – was too busy to put anything on my planner. ^_^ Ate Kayen came back from Hong Kong. Had our grand draw for our high school reunion.

Amidst all of the things that’s happening in the world. I just stated what I think deserves a highlight of what happened and mostly affected me. See how shallow I am? 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful 2009 and have an even more fruitful 2010. Kung Hei Fat Choi to all!