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Movie Review: The Avengers04.27.12


Who will not love a movie with smart plot, action packed, full of witty lines and raining hot bodies? Should I add more? :)

The story line is not hard to follow. It is believable that The Avengers have to fight Loki and his monster gang to save the world, after all Loki is a God and a bitter God is not a good thing. I’m not an avid comic book or an anime fan so I just took the movie without any judgement on how honest it is with the canon story line. The great thing about this movie is how it never gets boring. If a line will go to a possible boredom, there will be something to break it, like a funny line or an action which is good. The special effect is awesome. You can really say that the amount they’ve spent on the special effects’ worth it. The Avengers is a great summer movie, must see with friends and family! :)

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We don’t fight often, but when we do, it leaves nothing but pure heartache to me and I guess to him too.  Is it too much to ask for something that I know I deserve?  When will we move further?  Or is it really going to stop here?  Sometimes I will feel so tired that I can’t hope for more.

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Smoking Can Loose Weight?04.03.12

I need to loose about 27 lbs if I want to have a free Samsung Galaxy Note for a phone/tab. Hubby told me that he will give me one if I loose that much! I don’t know if it’s healthy to do that or even possible within three months. But I kept on dreaming and wanting that phone since I have two of my best friends already have each.

I don’t need to join any internet contests or raffle to get one for free, I just need to loose wait. The problem is, I need to do it fast! :) But I’m afraid to drink medicines or slimming coffees to aid me. I’m afraid of the side effects. Some say that they lost weight because they smoke or did not even gain weight because of smoking. Is it true? Hmmm, I dunno but a friend working in abroad is going to send me some packs of stuff like that, I just don’t know if I should give it a try or not. It’s just that I’m not really sure if it’s okey for me to do that since I had asthma when I was young.

Maybe a good exercise plan and dieting will do. Right?

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Movie Reaction: The Hunger Games04.02.12

To tell you honestly, I only watched the movie because I wanted to know what the fuss is all about. Everyone is talking about The Hunger Games and how much everyone is looking forward for the movie and how the movie is the next-in-line when it comes to hit movie franchise from Harry Potter to Twilight to The Hunger Games. And of course, how everyone loves the book and how good it is…so I really wont turn down a movie invitation from friends to watch this!

The movie adaption is almost 95% loyal to the book. I think one of the reason it was like that, because the screenplay is done none the less by the author. The only major difference is on how Katniss got the pin of Mockingjay from her friend,Madge, the daughter of the District 12 Mayor but in the movie, she bought it from Seam for Prim since it was reaping day.

At first I really thought the movie is so shaky as if I’m watching an indie movie. I think that they did it that way, to match the movie’s spirit. And they only did that while the scene is on District 12 where Katniss is in her natural habitat. The pacing of the movie is so natural, there’s no lagging and all important parts where highlighted. I just wished that there were more Katniss and Peeta moments. I know there’s a height difference when I saw the premiere pictures but if she’s not all glamored up, they would have been on the same height. :) Casting Peeta is a stand out because I think that Josh is the perfect Peeta, on how the author described him, medium height, stocky and with blond hair. The movie is packed up with action, suspense and a little bit of romance. It’s not a chick flick so if you are waiting to see something that will make you laugh or even smile, you should see Mirror, Mirror instead, which will be my next movie reaction.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Diet Frustration04.01.12

I’ve been a member of the most prestigious fitness center here in the Philippines but so far what I’ve experienced is the Yo-yo of me loosing weight and then gaining it again after couple of months. It’s so frustrating! I’ve been told that exercise and diet must always go hand-in-hand. And I so agree to that! I even think that I should get a nutritionist to understand what are the food needs to be eaten and what are not. I really wanted to do this because I also want to take care of my family. frustrating!

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