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Blog Cleaning05.31.11

I’m cleaning up my blog as it needed cleaning for a long….long….time.

Please bear with me.

I’ll be removing TONS and TONS of SPAM as they made it here and gave me TONS and TONS of problems.  :)



I was able to delete most of the SPAM comments.

For the past couple of days, I was having problems accessing this site because of the error message “500 Internal Server Error”, so  I would like to thank the help of Support people from PAGE.PH, my web host.  Without them, this blog would have never seen it’s happy days again….  I could kiss you guys!  You’re all amazing! Thank you so much!


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bathtub solution05.30.11

Alex was telling me that we could not put bathtubs in our future bathrooms because he hates cleaning it up. Always telling me that it could accumulate dirt because it’s always open. I told him that we can always a cleaner to do that, but guess what? I found the answer now! We can always put specially designed and useful Beyond Nice hot tub cover. It has always been what I want for my dream bathroom. A beautiful bath tub where I can relax after a hectic day at work. Isn’t wonderful? Ahhh….

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Movie Reaction: Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides05.21.11

It’s amazing that this is the second movie that I’ve seen with my boyfriend within a month. He’s not that much into watching movies from the big screen because he hates when you can’t pause it to do something or when it did not have a subtitle. LOL. He’s really smart, right? Thankfully, I did not even have to put too much effort in asking him to watch the fourth Pirate movie. He must actually like that much, the first three so it could be the reason.

So for my movie reaction, any movie that has Johnny Depp in it, is really good. I simply love him. Not many people can act silly drunk and still look so hot and yummy so he must be doing something good, right eh? :) When I saw the movie, I can’t say that it was better than the first three…but not that much.

Somehow it’s the same (from the first three) but it’s different. It’s the same because the previous some of the previous actors where playing the same characters but it’s different because they were not pulled by the same plot compared to the first three. The first three movies felt as if it’s really a trilogy, as in best to watch it together so you can find the continuity; while On Stranger Tides, the movie stands alone. I could watch it and still understand what was going on. On for the ending, it felt like there’s a finality, like I should not expect to get a part five…or something like that.

It’s way better on most parts but not on some. I like the part where we can got the see more of the characters interacting without being too pirate-y (as in fighting all the time like what a pirate should be). There were more dialogues and there were more character building. Unfortunately, on the part of “but not on some”, I find the climax not meeting what I expected. If the film makers intended to set the excitement level on the “negative trending” way, then they succeeded because I find the movie exciting on the first part, then lesser and lesser as it go on. One proof of that was my Howe, kind of slept at some parts of it. :)

Overall, I still find the movie a “must see” this summer. Maybe you would enjoy it more if you go out with your girlfriends then later spazz about Johnny Depp’s acting and hotness.

I’m giving it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I’m so lucky to meet THE Captain Jack Sparrow in Hong Kong at Madame Tussauds last 2009…hehehe…Isn’t it cool? LOL.

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it’s ACTUALLY PS I love you05.14.11

As much as I want to say that I got my love for reading english books or novels through Harry Potter (which is also one of my favorite series) like most of the kids today, BUT NO, it’s actually P.S. I Love You by Barbara Conklin who started it all.  I can still remember the first time I’ve read the book.   I believe I was in my first or second year in high school and I’m the one who’s manning our small sari-sari store at that time.  And to kill the mundane afternoon, I borrowed the book from my cousin, Fritzie, who also borrowed it from a friend and started to read it.

I can’t believe that after all these years I’ve spent searching for, I now got a copy in my hands.  It’s also not so creased though it’s already yellow, there were no missing pages.  In short, I LOVE IT!!!  I’m so happy that I had the chance to read it again.  I may not find the plot as twisted or as complicated for my liking now, but I guess for a teenager, killing the protagonist’s main object of affection was one big twist that I never expected.  But I guess, after reading couple of Nicholas Sparks’ (Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, where one of the couple dies) beloved novels, killing Paul Strobe was just as nice as ending it in a marriage.

I can still remember reading the book and hating the writer for the ending it the way it was.  My immature self was idealistic and hopelessly romantic believes that if two people love each other, it should always end with a happy ever after.I don’t know if my future kids..alright, daughters will like this book as much as I do, but one thing’s for sure, I’m going to keep it and read it again someday.

Here’s my copy, together with some of the books by Jude Deveraux purchased through E-BAY.

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scanned pictures05.13.11

What I love about the digital world today is the capability to store information in small packages. I’m thinking of saving my old photographs when I was kid from elementary, to high school, to college. Isn’t great? I’m planning to buy a scanner to have it all scanned or a scanning software, if possible. I can’t wait to share it to my friends and relatives abroad. Maybe I could upload this on an online networking site or here in my blog! hehehe

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Happy Mother’s Day MA!05.08.11

They say that when you get older you will eventually understand your parents more. But I’m a year older than last year but I still think that I’m lacking in that area. But I got one thing for sure, though I don’t understand them better, I know I love them more today than I did before.

Everyone should always tell your parents how much you love them,as often as you can. Don’t wait for the time to say it when they can’t hear you no more. That’s what I’m like. When I think about it, I don’t have problems saying I love you to my boyfriend but that does not mean that I love my boyfriend more than my family, my parent…I just kind of get shy easily saying I LOVE YOU with a serious tone to my family, more so to my parents. I usually do it in a very cutesy way. I just hope that they will take me seriously though.

So today’s the special day for all the mothers in the world…but let me have this space to let my mom know how much I love her and how thankful I am for all the things that she have done for us. I can proudly say that my mother is also my best friend. Our relationship improved as I grew older because it was not always the case (when I was younger…LOL). You can say that I’m the black sheep in the family when I was a little. I’m the kid who always lies and so hard-headed in so many ways. I often got disciplined by my mother, spanking is like my morning coffee.LOL. My father’s usually in abroad working at Saudi. So our discipline and all the attitudes were honed by our mother. When I was a little, I often think that my mom loved me the least. As in I’m the least favored child. This how my mind worked then, my ate (the oldest) was loved because she was the first child and like first love and first kiss…nothing’s like them. My younger sister (third in the hierarchy), was loved because she’s very industrious and loves to clean our house very, very much and I often hear my mom praise her with her cleanliness and how she could help around the house. My youngest and only brother was loved very, very much because he was the only boy and the youngest in the family. What about me? I don’t think I have anything that my mother could love. I’m a hard-headed kid who would do anything she wants. I often lie when I was a little. Honestly, I don’t want to defend myself but I guess my reasoning before was, I should better lie instead of admitting my faults because I know that if I will take the blame, and I’ll be disciplined. Better to pass the blame to my younger sister since she’s favored, she can get away with it. LOL. It’s the making of a witch sister! LOL.

I remembered another incident when my mom’s oldest sister told me how hurt my mom was and cried because of a letter I wrote for her. It goes something like this…”Mahal kita Mama kahit alam kong di mo ko mahal” (“I love you Mama though I know that you don’t love me.”) I think I was in my high school years when I wrote it. I was so rebellious at that time and frightened at the same time. I often thought that my mom did not love me as much as she did with my siblings.

Now I know differently…my parents, my mom loved me for who I am and for everything I am. How can I say that? I dunno…I just feel it. And in return, I will always love you mom and I will be like you when I get kids of my own. Thank you again!

Happy Mother’s Day MA!

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Am I Insured?05.05.11

With my best friend Malen, we met an insurance agent from Sun Life Plans named Gary just this afternoon at Starbucks in Gateway, Cubao. Sir Gary is very helpful in answering all of our questions about life insurance rate, different funds where we can put in our money and how we can be financially independent. I like his style of informing us on the best option available for us. We are planning to take the variable type of insurance, where we have it divided into two, one part mutual fund, the other part life insurance. I’m thinking of other insurance companies if they could give us proposal plan and then choose from the collated information.

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