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Get Together with College Best Buddies01.20.11

It’s been a long time since I met my college best friends, Mimi and Janice. Mimi’s currently working in another call center while Janice’s working in Dubai and she just came for a short vaca. So last January 13, together with Malen (my best friend whose also working in the same company, department as I am…aren’t we lucky?) we met them at Trinoma and had a full blast evening.

We started the evening with videoke session at Redbox. It’s good because they have this promo for P99 per head for a 2-hour video session. We were there singing, laughing, dancing (yes! dancing!), laughing, eating (light meal), laughing, picture taking, laughing, late christmas exchange gift, laughing…from 6 to 8 pm. It was a very fun bonding! We even made a video of ourselves singing the hit song of Lady Gaga, Bad Romance. You can see us trying to copy the dance stepss of the dancers from the MTV. I, we laughed so hard. So you can imagine how tired we were after that. :)

Now after getting tired “videoke-ing”, we strolled to check for a Korean restaurant because I’ve been dying to get my hands on their famous Ja Jang Myun ( a Korean noodle) since I’ve seen numerous scenes in my tons of favorite Top Korean Dramas eating that. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find one so we just ate to another oriental restaurant, a Japanese restaurant called Sumo Sam. We ordered their boodle meal, which is good for four called, “The Fight”. We ordered the one called, “The Arena” which was served w/ gyoza, beef yakitori, oyster teppan, mixed tempura, chicken, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, yusaitame and Japanese fried rice which is good for P1,288. I love the oyster teppan! I was careful though because of my bad cholestorel. ^_^. I wish I had ordered their California Maki but I guess, I’ll just come back and try it next time. The food and the ambience was so oriental. The waiters were friendly and the place was clean. It was a nice place to bring your friends and I will definitely do that again. :)

Though we have to part ways again, I’m sure that all of us will meet again some other time. It may not be in the Philippines but sure we will…. It’s really nice to see my college friends who have known me when I was still younger, immature, sillier and a lot thinner…. :)

Credit pictures to: Malen of Thanks Len!

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summer getaway01.19.11

We are going to Boracay this March!!!! Yes!!!!

Our very good friend, Tyana will be coming back together with her hubby this March in the Philippines from Canada and she’s inviting us to Boracay. She told us that she will pay for our accommodation while we will pay for our fare and food. Why can’t be all be free huh Tiana?  LOL.

So there! I will be spending my summer in one of the hottest summer getaway in the Philippines and I have to be in a swim suit! Oh how I wish I can have my abs trimmed. I’ve read about great abdominal cuts review online and I’m thinking of using one since I don’t have enough time to do that!  My mom’s honest and told me that I will not look that fat if I have a big tummy.  So that’s why I was thinking of removing this excess abs. :)

I really am excited to visit Boracay for the first time. I’ve heard it was good as Palawan but a little commercialized. Well, for as long as the beach and the sand is beautiful, I will have no complains.  Can’t wait!

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my soul stirrer – A Fine Frenzy01.18.11

Have you listened to A Fine Frenzy?

I LOVE HER!  I think she’s one of the hottest pianist today!  I love her red hair and her soothing voice.  But who wouldn’t?

I’m currently listening to her song right now titled Near To You and the following are my favorite lines…

You and I have something different
And I’m enjoying it cautiously
I’m battle scarred, I am working oh so hard
To get back to who I used to be

and of course the chorus!

Near to you, I am healing
But it’s taking so long
‘Cause though he’s gone
And you are wonderful
It’s hard to move on
Yet, I’m better near to you.

If you want to listen to this song, click HERE.

I suddenly miss my best friend Aimz of Marry Me Amy.  Though she’s part of band, I still love to see her playing solo on piano while singing.  Same with Alison (A Fine Frenzy), she’s also gifted in writing songs, a fine pianist and she also got a very good singing voice as well.

Check out their live performance of Embrace (not in piano)

Check out Marry Me Amy’s soundclick realm HERE!

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getting old – my two cents01.15.11

I’m not a vain person and that’s the truth. I even welcome aging because it’s a natural part of life. If you won’t accept it, it’s like not accepting something as unavoidable as living. But on how you accept and adapt to it is entirely a different matter.

Some people resorts to simple beauty products, like anti wrinkle eye cream for all those laugh lines while some opted to get operational help. If you think that it can help you and then you will feel good after doing it, then do it. Just make sure that there won’t be risk for you, physically and mentally.

All of us will grow old but how fast you grow old is up to you. If you continue living as carelessly as you were when you were younger, it will definitely show in the nearest future. Everyone should take care of his/her body. Don’t drown yourselves to vices. Start a healthy living. Change to a healthy life style.

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PSP3000 at long last!01.12.11

They say that if you wanted something.  You should write about it and make it a goal.

Not a long time ago, I made a list and I called it my Material List.  I wrote that in one of ticklers.

Check out the list below:

1.  External USB Hardrive
2.  Portable MP3 player (dream of getting an IPOD)
3.  Cellphone (dream of owning a Samsung OMNIA)
4.  DSLR Camera (dreaming of receiving a CANON 40D)
5.  Refrigerator (for Mama)
6.  2nd Hand Car (for convenience)
7.  PSP

As of this writing, I was able to get/receive except one, the 6th on my list.

1.  External USB Hardrive – I received this from my sister, Ate Yen.  Thanks te!
2.  Portable MP3 player – though I’ve wanted the ipod touch, I’ve opted to the cheaper version where it’s ok to use in public and to carry when I’m travelling to and from work during ungodly hours.
3.  Cellphone – Samsung OMNIA is way over my budget, so I got another smartphone but the cheaper one, Nokia E63
4.  DSLR Camera – not the Canon but got an entry DSLR, Nikon D3000 — love it!
5.  Refrigerator – got the Electrolux, Titanum 2-Door for Mama, last last Christmas :)
6.  2nd Hand Car – still saving up for this
7.  PSP – just got it! :)

So, after considering so many things like what version to get, color, capacity.  I opted to get the PSP3000.  Turquoise Green.  I just bought the unit  because this was a lot cheaper.  The unit came with the 5.83 firmware version, so I had my friend upgrade it to 6.20 version so that I can play downloadable games.  Thanks Jepoy for the free upgrade!  So I just have to buy a separate memory card and casing….and I’m good to go!

The lowest price for one package with firmware 6.20 amounts to around P13,000 to P15,000 depends to the capacity of the memory card.  So I can say that I got my on a well-reasonable price, I got the unit for P9800, the memory card for P1400 – it was Sony Memory Card and it’s 8G and the casing worth P350.  Another plus, I got the unit payable for 6 months through my credit card!  Wicked, right?!

So, this is my new baby…I have not yet named it, so can you give me one?  Since my laptop was called Bedell, my DSLR’s called Nikki, I don’t know what to call it….. Hmmmm…..

OK, let’s play!

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new laptop for howe01.11.11

I told my boyfriend that he have to get a new laptop since his old one died just after fifteen months of its first usage. Who would think that from the well known manufacturer of his laptop, that it would be broken so early on it’s electronic life span? Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the performance of his laptop that I suggested that he get custom laptops from great electronic vendors. I don’t know how that works, but I guess it will be better for him since he can specify from the vendor what he really needs and get it. Right?

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personalized calendar for 201101.11.11

I’m not going to make new year resolutions this year, but for sure I will make plans!

To help me with that, I created this customized 2011 calendar with the picture of my family and the week dates that I need for work.  It’s a nice piece to have in my workstation.  I suddenly missed my brother (who’s currently in Japan) while doing this.  So all you need to do is print this and viola!  Personalized calendar for the new year!  You don’t even have to pay much for this!  Just a little bit of creativeness and a little bit of knowledge in Power Point and Paint!

I also included the template, in case you want to download and create your own calendar.  Enjoy making one and show your creative ness! Leave a comment if you need the bigger size and I’ll email it to you!   ^_^

CR: for the wallpaper and for the calendar template

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new business ideas01.10.11

I was thinking of putting up a business this year. After mulling about it, I have several ideas but I need to study thoroughly first if it’s feasible and if the income will be okay. One of the ideas that I had was franchising a well known siomai food stand. The food was affordable and delicious so it’s good for the majority of hungry peeps. Another one of the ideas that I had was putting up a gadget accessories stand, where you can buy different stuff for cellphone units, music players and also Iphone accessories. So what I need to find now are people who can help me finance and study the profitability of setting up either a food or accessories stand. If you know how, just leave me a comment and I’ll appreciate it much! Thanks!

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the new year – 201101.09.11

It’s like the text message that I sent to my friends just when the new year started.

I will not be making any new year resolution this year, but I will try to be better in everything that I do so that I can see improvements in different aspects of my life.

For a start, I remembered blogging last year that I will be a better blogger the whole year through.  Mostly posting related and quality post for you to enjoy and if possible even to learn something.  But what happened was, I even posted less and not as much as fun as I want it to be.  It seems that I even lost the interest in blogging (though it was partially true…**sad**).  That was not entirely the case.  I just could not find the time to do stuff that I want.  I’ve done so many things last year that I wanted to share.  Maybe I will post it here…maybe I won’t.  ***Sighs***

What I wanted is to have a new year with renewed fire for blogging.  Soon…I think I will find it…Will you wait?

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Happy NEW Year!!!01.02.11


Who wouldn’t love New Year celebratuion???? We LOVE it! Isn’t it obvious?

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