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Activate, Run and Pump IT!12.05.10

My first ever 5 Km run happened last August 29.  This was one of the activities for the contest we joined at work.  The run was held at the UP Diliman Academic Oval grounds. This was brought by the UP Engineering Radio Guild (UP ERG), in cooperation with SIBAT (SIBol ng Agham at Teknolohiya), through the Paanang Bundok project, through the event, they will help striving coffee farmers in Batangas to have a solar-powered water pumping system.

For the registration, our office paid P300 for 5 KM and 3 KM runners, whileP350 for 10 KM runners.  The race started around 6 in the morning, the program started 30 minutes late from the scheduled start but it was okey since it’s my first time to do that and I don’t know if the itinerary of the program was strict.

My time?  I finished it after 55 minutes of non-stop running-jogging-walking-jogging-running.  I don’t know if my stats are good but I felt good and hungry after. :)

Check out some of the pics from the run:

(down)-Daiji, L-R – Joanne, Me, Orville, Malen, Arthur, Ebenezar




After the run:

(L-R) Malen, Aila,Joanne, Carol, Ella and Daiji

We had our brunch at The Chocolate Kiss in Bahay ng Alumni.  I’ve heard so much about the place but I was kind of disappointed after getting there.  I was looking for the ‘ambiance’ that everybody was talking about.  Maybe it was in the second floor coz we ate at the first floor….I dunno.  For the food, it’s forgettable since I can’t remember it anymore.  It was nice but not exceptional but the cake was amazing! I love my cake, the devil’s cake.

After lunch, Japox treated us, Malen and I at SM for a little relaxation.  We watched Mamarazzi by Eugene Domingo.  The movie was so funny, Eugene Domingo was very good, but I guess I have to post my own review for that on another post.  :)

The day started early and ended early and I’ve done so many things.  One thing is for sure…I’m going to break my stats for the5KM run.  PROMISE!

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not getting any younger12.02.10

I should have done it when I was younger.

I should have listened to them.

I should have decided and got one.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the agents who are trying to sell me insurance plans. I should have gotten a plan when I was younger. I only realized this when I turned 30 and learned that I still did not have any insurance plan, of any type, from any company.

But I’m planning to remedy that, because I’m going to check an agent and get insurance quotes for me and even for my little niece.

I don’t know how long I will still have a job and care for my family. Suddenly things like this worries me now. Ohhh! I know what this is! It’s a sign of aging…in mind.

Any suggestions what should I get?  Please don’t tell me it’s for memorial…. :(

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salad ala ruth12.01.10

I’m no cook. That’s a fact.

I don’t even know how to properly fry a fish where in the end it still has the fish skin and not battered by the frying stick…hahaha…I know I’m helpless in the kitchen.

But recently due to my insisted addiction with Ceasar salad, I created my own garden fresh salad with a twist of fried Tuna.  It’s really easier to cook the fish when it does not have the skin anymore, right?

That’s what I love about salad.  Just mix and match it and for as long as you love the dressing, you can go anyway with it.   For my own version, I just blanched (I have to resort to google to know how to properly blanch) the brocolli and mixed it with fresh lettuce, toasty breads and fried tuna.  I dressed it with a prepared ceasar dressing.  O-la!  I now have my own salad ala ruth!  I love the greenness of it!  It’s really good, promise!
One step to me becoming a real chef!  :P

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