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kitchen faucet dilemma09.30.10

It was a dilemma!

How can a simple piece of metal can cause so much headache? It all started when my contractor asked me what type of kitchen faucet will I use for the apartment rooms. If you will ask me, I would have liked to install the auto sensor type, it would have been amazing, right? But I have to think of the budget, so, it’s not really gonna be okey since it’s kind of a little bit tight. Oh I remembered something, because when we traveled last year in Hong Kong, I envied the people of Hong Kong because all of their public toilet inside the malls or even in the fast food places have auto sensor type faucet. Awesome right?  That’s how rich people are there!  They would have preferred it, no other way!

So back with the kitchen faucet, is it gonna be the slider or the one that you have to rotate?  What are the pros and cons?  Is it gonna be gold or silver?  Ohhh…I want it in color green!  :P  Stainless steel or not?  Stainless steel, of course!  How far from the sink?

Answer to all of the questions?  I just gave my dad the money and the power of attorney to decide!  LOL!  NO more kitchen faucet dilemma! :)

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My Princess Birthday Party at 3009.29.10

40 days have past since I celebrated my 30th birthday party….

Nah! It’s not really a birthday party. I just asked my cousins to drop by at our house for an afternoon merienda since I turned 30 and I wanted to celebrate it. Walang inuman. Walang videoke. Merienda lang talaga. Hehehe. :)

But my niece wanted to have balloons for her. So we decided to buy a banner, it just happened that we saw a Cinderella figurine when we bought the cake (thanks Ate Yen for the delicious party size Sansrival cake from Goldilocks!) and the only available banner from the toy store was the Princess Themed banner and the colors of the balloons are mostly pink and white…so there I had my own princess themed birthday party at 30…LOL! If I have known, I would have worn my yellow-gold gown! It would have been awesome!

Thanks to my family, all of my cousins and their significant others, my nieces and nephews and to Howe!

Special thanks to my Mama for the shanghai and caldereta. Thanks Alex for the rest. Love you both! :)

P.S. Thanks to my Kim Hyun Joong for the balloons! LOL!

Enjoy the flood of pics!!!

Me and my banner…title: the five princesses (including me! O_0)

Althea and the balloons

Mom and Althea with the food! yummy!

Thanks Ate Yen for the cake!

It’s making me hungry by looking at this….

cousins and niece and nephew…waaaiiittt, is that you Ate Yen?

same cousins…LOL..Althea, eat baby, don’t just watch

Adrian, Camille, Ate Faye, Kuya Gary and moi!

Ruthie Ganda, Bebeng with ASKier, Nini, Kuya Mike and Manoy

Kim Hyun Joong’s balloon gift…all the way from Korea! :)

My beautiful Mom, Ruthie Ganda and Althea with Husband, este Howe (LOL)

You can see the rest of the pics HERE!

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bathroom house09.28.10

I think I have mentioned this in before and I will never cease in mentioning it again…

If you’ll ask me, my favorite part of the house is the bathroom.  Why? Because you can do everything there for as long as you’re willing to change your ways a little.  Of course, you can take showers there and all of your daily routines, but aside from that, you can relax there if you want by installing a bathtub.  You can also sleep there just like in your bedroom.  Now, if your bathroom is really clean, you can also eat there.

I kind of thinking about building a bathroom house.  As in it’s a house but when you come inside, it’s like a big, big bathroom.  Maybe I can build that idea in the second floor of my apartment building with all the necessities like bathtub, pedestal sinks, shower, toilet bowls, and maybe a jacuzzi.  What do you think?

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a post a day09.27.10

…keeps my bad trip away!!!

This is a promise…

…To you

And to myself…

Honestly, I miss blogging so much…

I have so many things to share with you guys…and more so will come…

Stay tuned!

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