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ties that bind07.30.10

I wish I knew how to properly tie mens ties. I’ve dreamed of doing that since I first saw the movie Pretty Woman by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. It feels so domestic and yet so domineering at the same time. Feels so sweet and yet so possessive. They also say that men ties maketh thee men suit. It does not matter how good your suits are, if your tie does not compliment, better go naked.

I wish that I knew how to tie my man’s ties….sadly he does not wear one.

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for you07.29.10

I don’t want to count it anymore because I don’t think it matters as much as you mean to me. Don’t forget that I love you, so much. So much more…

Happy Anniversary.

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laptop life span07.20.10

Gosh! I can’t believe what happened to my boyfriend’s laptop. He got this last year, around January. After one year and five months, the device won’t just turn on. When we had the device checked from it’s service vendor, we have to pay half the price of the laptop because of the faulty motherboard. It is really not acceptable! The device came from one of the leading laptop manufacturers in the market. I just wished that it took at least more than three years to get the worth of money spent.

I promised myself that I will not buy that brand of device. Ever again.

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30 more to 3007.19.10

Yup! It’s now 30 more days before I turn 30. Wow! How time flies! I only have 30 more days before I leave the
beautiful days of me being in my twenties. What should I do in my remaining days of youthfulness? LOL. It’s not that I’m so worked out about me turning 30, it’s just that I want to do something different to commemorate ‘the special day’. How about getting a tattoo? Or doing something different with somebody? I don’t know…I really can’t decide. What have you done on your 30th? They say that 30 is the new 20, so I think I’ll do more awesomeness on my 30th! Yesss!

One thing is for sure though, I will have something special, something different thing to do on my special day. I’ll surprise you all!

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new business for pleasure07.18.10

Not all people can combine business with pleasure, as a matter of fact it is advisable that you should not do so. But what if your business is your pleasure? I have always been amazed and in love with pictures who can capture the essence of the moment. If given a chance, I would have loved to start a new business of portrait-journalist studio. I even dreamed of getting my own office furniture supplies that will match my personality.

Right now, I got one step towards this goal. I just purchased a new DSLR Camera. The camera that I will use for training. I promise myself that I will not just dream this dream. It will be a reality.

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Date Dream with Cory Monteith07.18.10

I slept for more than I should have. I woke up around 3PM and I don’t even have body pain or headache. I’m so happy and in a very good mood. Why? Because last night, I dreamt of Cory Monteith, not his character in my favorite show Glee, Finn Hudson but the actor himself Cory. Funny though, when I woke up around 9am I went to pee and back, my dream just continued as if on pause. Maybe because I loved what I’m dreaming, I was then hoping that I could continue what I’m dreaming about. Because before I woke up, we were having a fight and in the middle of a problem. We have not figure out how to solve our dilemma and it’s not yet a happy ending. So I really wanted to continue what I was dreaming about and I did for the next six hours. When I woke up, I was happy because in my dream somehow we solved our problems and it ended with us, Cory and I, kissing in front of my house. How sweet!

When I’ve checked with Dreamoods what my dream could possibly mean, here what they got for me:

To dream that you are good friends with a celebrity, represents your idealized version of someone you know in your life. Perhaps you hope that a real-life friend can act more like a particular celebrity. Consider the qualities that you see in this celebrity and how you want your friends to have those qualities? Alternatively, the dream may be trying to compensate for your own lack of self-confidence. You want to escape from your own reality and live the high life. You want to fit in.

In conclusion, I think that when I’ve dreamt that I was dating a celebrity, it represent my ideal version of someone in my life. Perhaps, I’m hoping that in real-life boyfriend can act more like that particular celebrity. Probably, I don’t’ know. One thing is for sure though, we look good together. :)

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Longer and Lasting07.15.10

A long and lasting love not many people find it, having a long and lasting erection is even harder. Well that was before, because today men have more options to aid them with their needs like maxoderm and such. And I believe that performance is more preferable than size, so it will be a big help to have the strength to last longer in any given circumstance.

But then again, love is the most important thing. It conquers all and holds everything. I know that, if you truly and honestly love her then a long and lasting love and erection will come hand in hand.

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